The Celebrity Games

"May good fortune follow you wherever you go!" The celebrity games, only one rule: Kill or be killed. When the royal family took over the world, region 13 of England rebelled and in consequence, got nuked within an inch of its life. As payment for this rebellion, the royals instated The celebrity games where each year a celebrity would be chosen and the country that they're from would have to produce two female or male competitors to compete in a chosen arena, fighting to the death. As a prize for surviving, they get to marry the chosen celebrity. But this year is going to be so different...


2. The band

Sitting down on my sofa, I anxiously waited for the anthem to play and for the usual presenter of the games, Sebastian Diamond, to read out the next celebrity/band that was to be the prize for this celebrity games. Last year it was that Justin Bieber guy, and let me tell you, the fighting that year was vicious...

At the moment, I'm the only one in my family eligible to compete in the celebrity games. To compete you have to be the right gender for that year and between 13 and 18. You get chosen by the MP for the games in your region and mentored by the last winner from your region. Too bad the only two we have are far from helpful. One's dead and one's a raging drunkard that can't even keep straight sitting down... No wonder our region hasn't won since then.

Suddenly, the international anthem started playing on the screen and out popped a smiley, cheesey, green haired Sebastian Diamond.

"Hello people of the empire!" He chirped, grinning at us from the screen, "I hope you've had a great day and your weather was pleasant. I just know you've been anxiously waiting all year for this moment to arrive and here it is! The starting point of the 24th annual Celebrity games!"

We were all watching, me, mum, dad, my two brothers, my two sisters in law, my four nieces and nephews, my uncle Ben and my grandad. The living room was crowded, people sitting on the sofas, the floor and my eldest nephew was sitting underneath the coffee table, all poised and ready to see what nationality the chosen celebrity was, all dreading that they would be British.

"Now this year is different to the usual. This year we have a boy band! This is only the third time we have had a band as the prize in the whole history of the games..." He announced proudly.

You could almost cut the tension in the room with a knife it was that thick. There were plenty of worldwide celebrity boy bands from England. Mainly because the royals are English and the royalists, who are the main consumers in everything, lap it all up and love every bit of it. Of course, when you're a celebrity you don't have to ever compete in the celebrity games, despite the name and neither does your family (to stop incest). That's mainly why everyone tries to become famous, immunity for you and your family without having to go through the games or be born into a royalist family.

"Now, without further ado, I give to you, the boy band for this year's celebrity games!" He cried, flinging his hand to the right and as the camera panned in that direction our hearts dropped.

There was an odd number.

They were British.

They were 1D.
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