The Celebrity Games

"May good fortune follow you wherever you go!" The celebrity games, only one rule: Kill or be killed. When the royal family took over the world, region 13 of England rebelled and in consequence, got nuked within an inch of its life. As payment for this rebellion, the royals instated The celebrity games where each year a celebrity would be chosen and the country that they're from would have to produce two female or male competitors to compete in a chosen arena, fighting to the death. As a prize for surviving, they get to marry the chosen celebrity. But this year is going to be so different...


7. The arrival and The stylist

"Now at night, whatever you do, don't light a fire. It's like a beacon; you can see it from a mile off." Damien warned, sending us a stern glare from across the dinner table.

"So how do you keep warm at night?" Nicole questioned, stuffing a yorkshire pudding into her mouth.

"You grab a bag by the plinth in the middle except it will probably be more towards the outside where you are. Survival bags aren't the most wanted of things but if you can grab one thing out off all the items on offer, a survival bag would be the most important choice."

"So what then, do you run or fight?" I interrogated, wanting to know everything before I had to go into the arena.

"Run, definitely. You should have everything you need in your survival bag. You could probably make a weapon, they'll scatter stuff around the arena for you and there's always the fans." He answered, sipping at some orange juice.

"What about if you're in an alliance?"

"Well always opt for run. They always try to lure the gullible and headstrong ones into a bloodbath by putting all the good stuff like weapons and food on and around the plinth. If you want to survive this, you'll run and run fast."

I mulled this new information over in my head. It was obvious I would have to be in an alliance; a strong one too. That meant as soon as I could, I had to make friends with people who looked capable but not crazy. I know there would be some seriously messed up fangirls amongst the twenty-four contestants which, if I knew what was best for me, I would stay clear of. There would always be the chance that they would slit your throat in your sleep for no reason whatsoever. Its happened before. As I was pondering this, I felt a lurch and a feeling of dropping down gradually.

"OOOH! We're here! We're in London!" Lizzie squealed and jumped out of her seat, rushing to the window to peer out onto the magnificent city that was appearing from the clouds below like a monster of the deep.

"Better start preparing, love. The games start now." I heard Damien say between mouthfuls of creme brulee. Gulping, I went to my room to mentally prepare myself in my last few minutes of freedom, or what you would call freedom compared to what I was about to face. Finally we touched down onto the solid ground and I quickly grabbed my robin pin before I was whisked away to get 'prepared' for my stylist.

Ow... I winced as one of my prep team started plucking my eyebrows while another one continued with my legs. The third was waxing... Well you can get the idea. Once they were all finished with my excess hair, they rinsed me down a few times then started on my normal strawberry blonde hair; brushing it and washing it, putting really odd smelling stuff in it that made it shinier and smoother. I had decided not to complain when things hurt, it was best to be on their good side, just in case.

My prep team were an odd bunch though. Out of the three there were two guys and one girl; the girl was quite small but surprisingly lanky with dyed pink hair and silver makeup on. The first guy was of medium height and build with green spiky hair and matching green eyes. He had relatively tanned skin and in one ear had a small diamond stud. The last guy was quite large, not what you would call fat but you could tell he liked his chocolate. He had kept his natural blonde but around his eyes, I caught a glimpse of a light blue eyeliner. Suddenly, the blonde one spoke up.

"Right, you're nearly done now. Just one more rinse over and we'll send you in to meet your stylist." He told me, picking the silver shower head that lay next to me one last time.

After they patted me down and handed me a robe to cover up for a while I was escorted into a small monochrome room filled with a glass table adorned with all sorts of luscious food fit for a king and two blood red sofas facing each other, parallel to the table. Here, the prep team all gave me a group hug and said 'ta ta for now' then scampered off for a tea break. I smiled, they were quite sweet in their own ways. Being royalists themselves, they were overly excited for the games. In fact, they wouldn't stop nattering about it as they prepared me, asking if I was excited too and who I would want to marry if I won. I replied as to not hurt their feelings, they weren't the smartest of people and I don't really like hurting people. Jeez, how am I meant to survive in these games?

My thoughts were interrupted, however when an unfamiliar, tall dark haired man strode confidently through the door. It figures though, they always give the new and unwanted stylists to the un-favoured regions (ie: us).

"Francesca Bonner, I saw what happened with you and your cousin and it ripped my heart into shreds, it really did." He sympathised, sweeping me up into a warm hug. "My name is Gok and I'm your stylist."


"Gok Wan. I changed my first name when I was twenty-one"

"Ah... Hey, I see you're new. Did they lug you on us then?" I said, patting his back.

"No, I actually asked for you especially. They wanted to bump me up to district four but I would have none of it. A brave girl like you deserves a good stylist." He laughed, sitting down on a red sofa and motioning me to sit down opposite him. "Now, please eat. I want to discuss your parade costume with you."

Slowly sitting down, I surveyed the vast quantity of food laid out before me. After what seemed like an eternity of dithering, I finally settled for a cinnamon bun.

"So what's the plan Gok Wan? Strip us down and paint us blue to represent water? Or maybe dress us up as coal miners? That's what they usually do..." I interrogated, nibbling around the side of the bun.

"No actually. Its not my job to make you look foolish. Its my job to get you fans and I know just how..." He said trailing off as he sipped his tea.

"How?" I asked excitedly. I couldn't wait to find out what he had planned for me.

"You know how your region holds the only water supply in the UK?"


"Well I thought I would do something with that. But not something embarrassing or stupid. No, I'd rather do something new and interesting. Are you ready to find out?"

"Gok, the suspense is killing me." I laughed nervously. My whole life could depend on this.

"You are going to be water."

"So it is the naked blue avatar look then...?"

"No... Look, just come in here and I'll get you ready." He said, ushering me into a side room I hadn't noticed before. There I took my robe off again as he gave me some pale blue underwear and covered the rest of my body in a strange powder that when my skin caught the light I shimmered and glittered like a twilight vampire. He then dressed me in a crisp bluey white lycra jumpsuit that, just like my skin, glittered only when the light caught it. To complete the outfit, he handed me some ballet slippers, identical to the jumpsuit.

"There, you look stunning already and its not even finished yet." He smiled, admiring his handiwork.

"So, what is this meant to be?" I asked, curious to know what was going on.

"Well I said you would be water, but first to be water, you have to be ice. Now, don't freak out but when you get out there, some things about your outfit will change dramatically. Just remember to smile, wave and hold you head high." He explained, walking out of the room so the prep team could come back in. Just when I thought I was alone, he stuck his head back around the door. "Oh, and one last thing. Don't forget to hold Nicole's hand and hold it high above your head. That's when the magic will start to happen..." He winked then disappeared back around the door.
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