The Celebrity Games

"May good fortune follow you wherever you go!" The celebrity games, only one rule: Kill or be killed. When the royal family took over the world, region 13 of England rebelled and in consequence, got nuked within an inch of its life. As payment for this rebellion, the royals instated The celebrity games where each year a celebrity would be chosen and the country that they're from would have to produce two female or male competitors to compete in a chosen arena, fighting to the death. As a prize for surviving, they get to marry the chosen celebrity. But this year is going to be so different...


14. The argument

I breezed along the monkey bars easily, reaching the end in ten seconds flat. The last day of training was planned out by the instructors, getting our physical abilities tested. Bad luck for Caitlin though; she hated PE. I watched, amused as she huffed her way long the monkey bars. She was almost to the end when with an unfortunate slip of the hand she fell down onto the crash mat, causing the fangirls to start sniggering at her 'failure'. Shooting them daggers, I held my hand out for her to take as she clambered over the four foot wall that caged in the crash mat.

"Thanks..." She grimaced as she managed to pull herself up. "I really hate physical exercise."

Laughing, we walked on to the next obstacle together, only to see it was a tarzan swing that stretched across a deep pit full of foul smelling mud. Seriously, it smelled like a chemical toilet.

"Oh my crease..." I whispered, cringing at the smell.

"I'm going to fall into that, I just know it." Caitlin whimpered, shying away the rancid pit, shaking her head slightly, nose wrinkled in disgust.

"Don't be so pessimistic, Caitie-bobs. Just believe you can do it and you'll succeed!" I grinned, placing a hand on her shoulder confidently. "Just look at me, I'll show you how."

With that, I let loose a wild cry of 'ZULUUUUUUUU!' and ran towards the piece of rope dangling in the middle of the pit, jumped and grabbed hold of it, shifting my body weight forwards so I would fly across the pit and reach the other side. I let go of the rope and landed gracefully on the other side, bowing as I received a hearty round of applause.

"Woah... You made it look so easy. Is it really?" Caitlin asked, shouting a little over the buzz of gossip that had erupted on her side of the ditch.

"Yeah, nothing to it." I grinned, motioning for her to 'come hither'. "Piece of meringue!"

Biting her lip, she jumped about a bit, pumping herself up and charged at the rope, grabbing hold of it before she fell into the awful mud. Swinging a little, she managed to shift her mass so it swung back and forth and as soon as it reached its full height, she let go and sailed across the last few metres of the pit, nearly landing on top of me in the process. Catching her I gave her a hug and we danced around a little to the music of the applause she was getting. Even the fangirls had a little clap out of grudging respect for what she had just done.

The full course consisted of everything we had supposed to have done around all the stations, which, unfortunately for me consisted of weapons too. But, as I was miles ahead of everyone else, I don't think they saw me when I took a sneaky glance around, picked up the arrow, let off a practice shot then proceeded to shoot the target right where the eye would be. No one had shot it there just yet when I had got to it, but there were still quite a few arrows on the abdomen and heart of the target so no one would suspect it was me per say. Each section after the tarzan swing had been closed off by a metal gate that only let one person in at a time. Whenever you completed a task, the door at the other end of the room would open and you would have 10 seconds to get out before the next person came in and the door closed.

Dashing out, I ran straight through the finishing line just as the buzzer sounded signalling the end of the training for today which meant that I could go back to the apartment on time whereas all the others had to complete the course in their own prep time.

Tonight was the night that we had dinner with the queen and her family. Yet another televised stage that we would be judged mercilessly on.

Sweating dreadfully, I flopped into the lift, just wanting to get back and into a shower. Then I stopped. Something smelt funny in here. Sniffing the air, I caught a whiff of something familiar, but I just couldn't place it. Whatever it was, I was too worn out to think about it, I had to conserve all my energy for the arena. Shrugging it off, I relaxed. Nothing could harm me outside of the arena, right? As I was the only one there, I was just about to press the button for my floor when it shot up of its own accord. Clutching at the railing that surrounded the perimeter of the lift, I counted the numbers at the top of the door. With a jolt, it stopped at 13, calmly opening the doors as I staggered out, holding my head and darting my eyes about.

"Hello?" I called out, slumping down against the wall, a headache starting to form. When could I get a shower? I probably stink...

"Fran! Are you alright?!" A voice emanated from somewhere. I tried opening my eyes but it just made my headache worse, squeezing them shut made it a little better but now there was a slight buzzing in my ears.

"Oh my Glob, when did she get here!" Another voice yelled. The buzzing was getting louder now and I could barely hear what the people were saying.

"She just appeared-"

"Never mind that, clear your bed... Going to collapse... State of her..."

I moaned, the pain getting worse, it felt like someone was drilling holes into my skull with a blunt stick. I opened my eyes, but everything was swimming around my field of vision, colours blending and oozing out of everywhere. My only thought, I had been drugged. Someone had purposely drugged me then sent me up here. But why? And how...?

But then it hit me. That smell from the lift, it was a hallucant gas given off from the redulca plant. It didn't grow in sherwood forest but Mattie told me about it, it grew back in his old region. He said it was called gastropheme and is commonly used for drugging people. In small amounts people would just think that they were drunk but too much and it could be deadly.

My eyes still open, darkness was beginning to cloud my vision and I could feel myself loosing consciousness. Though the haze I could see a couch just a few steps away, so, grasping at my head, I took one feeble step forward. As soon as I tried to take another one my legs crumbled underneath me and as I felt myself toppling down to the ground, I completely blacked out.

When I came to, I was lying in a comfy bed-like surface, soft and warm with a pillow behind my head and warm hands wrapped around my ow- wait what?! My eyes snapped open to see a dimly lit room, the curtains drawn and the lights from the city dancing slowly from behind it. Looking to my right, I read the little digital alarm clock standing on the night table. Squinting at it, I could see it read 19:24... I was missing something important, but what was it? Whatever it was, I'm sure that it'll come to me in time. The effects of the gastropheme were just beginning to wear off, but there was still a slight buzzing in my ears and although I still had a headache, it was ebbing away. Remembering the weight on my hands, I turned my head to the left and scrambled back hurriedly as I saw a sleeping Harry, hands now grasping thin air where my own hand had been.

Sitting up fully, I searched the walls for a door and when spotting one, I crept over to it as not to wake Harry. Peeking inside the crack, I saw it was a bathroom and smiled. Finally! I can have a shower!

Closing and locking the door behind me, I stripped and got a shower, thoroughly scrubbing my body and hair to make sure there were no traces of the gastropheme left. I didn't want a single molecule left clinging to my body. Wrapping a blue fluffy towel around me, I opened the door, saw Harry still sleeping and darted over to the wardrobe to pick out a jumper and joggers. Getting back into the bathroom, I got changed and waltzed out, twirling infront of the massive mirror by the side of the bed.

I felt a bit bad for nicking Harry's clothes but I couldn't exactly use my own at the moment. Suddenly, my stomach emitted a low, rumbling growl and I knew I had to eat something. Pronto. As I checked the fridge, I heard a gasp from behind me and slowly turned round to see Niall standing there, face agog.

"Uh, Niall are you alright?" I questioned him, tilting my head slightly to the right.

"You're awake?!" He burbled, still catching flies.

"Well that's another case closed, Sherlock!"

"But Damien said you wouldn't wake until tomorrow." He stated. Seeing the growing suspicion and anger on my face as I realised they had consulted Damien and my mind went to the worst, he carried on. "When you had fainted, we sent someone down to your floor to ask for help and he came, diagnosed you and said you probably wouldn't wake up until morning at least."

"I guess I'm just a fighter, eh Niall?" I laughed, sending him a cheeky wink. He laughed nervously then briskly walked into the room I had previously been in. Probably to wake Harry up...

I shrugged and carried on checking the fridge. Settling with a strawberry yoghurt, I sat down on a seat in the island and was just about to peel the lid off and enjoy my snack when the door burst open and I was nearly knocked off my seat by a flying Harry. Gripping me tight in a hug, he seemed to forget yesterday morning and the fact that I hated him. I didn't hate the rest of the guys; they were alright to be honest, I disliked them for what they didn't tell me at the start, but at least they told me eventually. Harry was the one that got me into so much trouble, the fangirls, the 'manegment' hating me and now I had been drugged and taken up here by some unknown force. Plus, I was missing something important and I still couldn't remember what it was!

Squirming in his arms, feeling really uncomfortable that he was in such a close perimeter to me, he eventually noticed and immediately backed away, head down and hands behind his back. Letting loose a big sigh of relief, I shuddered slightly then turned my attention back to my yoghurt that was still innocently sitting on the island where I had left it.

"You're up..." I heard Harry mumble, head still pointing down to the floor. Ugh, why does he have to be such a wuss? Why can't he just take rejection like a man and keep the british upper lip stiff?

"Yeah. Yeah I am." I stated in-between mouthfuls of yoghurt.

"Uh, I'll leave you two alone." Niall told us, patting Harry on the back and leaving the room, flashing a small smile at me as he passed. Slowly but surely, Harry walked over to the other side of the island and leaned on it, watching me intently. After a few seconds, I couldn't take it for any longer. I hate being watched, its a kind of hunters instinct; I can always tell when someone is watching me, whether I can see them or not. I just get this cold chill running up and down my spine and my hands start twitching to reach for my bow and shoot whoever it is before they can kill me. Of course I didn't have it with me this time... Unfortunately.

"What!?" I eventually snapped, glaring at the guy who was just standing there, green eyes fixed on mine. Suddenly they twinkled and he started to smirk.

"You're wearing my clothes..." He stated, his face getting more smug by the second.

"Yeah? Its not like its a big deal. If it had been Zayn's room I would be wearing his joggers and jumper." I calmly explained, brushing his statement away. He looked slightly crestfallen, but it was to be expected.

"Oh.." I heard him say. "Well, its not like it mattered to me, anyway. I mean, you're just another girl in this competition. You'll probably die in the first five minutes. If you're so weak to pass out, you're too weak to survive."-he laughed-"You probably think you're great but I bet you can't hunt for shit."

OH HELL NO. The only thing worse would've been to make fun of my hai-

"Plus, your hair is so bright, even if you did survive, you would be spotted from a mile off! And even in the really unlikely event that you did survive, no-one would want you because your hair colour would put them off. Not to mention your horrible personality. You don't love anyone, let alone like anyone!" He laughed, not knowing what he was getting himself into.

With every word he spoke, the fire inside of me burnt brighter and angrier, causing my blood to boil. I wouldn't be surprised if steam came out my ears, but I tried to keep my appearance calm and my poker face on.

"Well I'm sorry I don't 'love' or 'like' you, but you're certainly not making it easy for me. I'm sorry you feel that way, Styles but however, I am already taken." I said stiffly, forcing a polite smile.

"Ha!" He cried, disbelief shining through his eyes. "All I ever wanted to do was be nice to you, but you're the one that turned it all around. As if you're taken. Who in their right mind would love you? You're a heartless killer who can't even kill." He added, a look of disdain flashing through his eyes. "You're worthless to me."

That was it. He'd crossed a very hard line to cross.

With an animalistic cry I leapt of the chair and hurled myself at him, punching him square on the jaw then brought my hand harshly around his neck, not enough to kill or strangle him, but enough so he knew about it. I pinned him to the floor, glaring angrily into his terrified green eyes with my own cold, ice blue ones. I had gone into hunting mode, my eyes showed no mercy, my conscience told me nothing against this. I had cut myself off from my feelings and emotions. When I hunt, I have no ethics or morals, without them, all your necessary senses get heightened and you can kill without feeling too bad about it.

Digging my fingernails into his neck, I felt him gulp and I saw in his eyes what I see in every animal's eyes when they know what's coming to them before I snap its neck. Except I didn't care. After all, I wasn't actually going to snap it, but I did like the power it gave me. The power that I could take away his life with one swift hand movement. Sure, human necks would be more resistant than rabbit ones, but I'm a strong girl, it shouldn't be too hard.

"Don't ever talk to me like that again, you hear me?" I growled, glaring straight into his fear-stricken eyes. "You just don't understand anything because you're a stupid stuck up boy band member who never had to work a hard day in his life. Anything you want, you have it and you don't know what its like to truly fight for anything. Who do you think you are, telling me I can't hunt and kill?"-my grip on his neck tightened and he let out a small squeak-"Why, I could kill you right now if I wanted to..."

His eyes widened and he struggled to get free. Laughing I pinned his arms arms down with my feet.

"I'm not going to." I chuckled, my sadistic side showing through. I leant my face so close to his that I could feel his hot breath on my nose and narrowed my eyes at him. "But cross me again and I won't be so hesitant to snap that pretty little neck of yours. OK?"

He nodded quickly and smirked, let go of his neck and arms and walked back to the lift, not even bothering to look back as the doors closed behind me and it sunk to level 12.

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