Key to My Heart

What would you do if your love walked away? With the key? They have the key, so nobody else can get it. What makes it worse is, their with somebody else. Your forgotten, they ask "Who's that?" when your name is mentioned. They simply leave you in their dust. You want to hate them but you love then to much. Yea, it sucks. I'm Kyra Williams. My love runaway. With the key. Nobody else has got in. He forgot about me, he doesn't even care. He moved on. I try to hate him, but I love him to much. Harry Styles stole the key to my heart.


1. Prologue

            I squealed as strong arms wrapped around my waist. "Guess who?" A deep raspy voice whisperd into my ear. "Uh, the most handsomist person alive" I smirked. "Guessed right" He whisperd inoto my ear. He spun me around and I starred into his hypmatizing green eyes. He leaned forward and kissed my lips. I kissed back as we moved in the sync. He oulled apart and smiled at me. "I love you" He whisperd.


         "Forever and always" He whisperd as he took my hand. I nodded. "Forever and always" I repeated. We danced slowly in the moonlight. "Kyra?" He asked. "Yes?" I responded. He took a brown leather bracelet out of his pocket and cliped it around my wrist. I starred at the silver half heart chain hanging off of it. He took out andother one the exact same. He clipped it around his wrist. "Promise we will be together forever?" He asked. "Promise" I answerd. He kissed my lips passionetly.


     I ran out of the house crying. Why would he do this? I tought he loved me. I sprinted across the street. I sat on the grass. I ran my fingers along the leather braclet that Harry gave me two years ago. I knew I should of known. We were 14!  I cried harder and I heard the familier laugh that belonged to my best friend. I acciendtly let out a loud sob. The laughing stopped, "Hello?" Dallas's voice filled my head. I heard footsteps come closer, "Kyra?" He asked as he got in my view. I nodded. "Whats wrong?" He asked rushing to my side while his friends tood awkwardly to the side. "H-Harry" I chocked. 'What he do, baby girl?" He asked. "H-im and-and Re-Rebecca" Is all I managed. I saw Dallas tightend his fist and his face fillied with anger. I shook my head and his face softend. "Shh" He soothed and helped me up. I cried into his chest. "Its okay, baby" He whisperd while rubbing my back. He told his friends he had to go and took me back home. I still cant believe it.

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