Key to My Heart

What would you do if your love walked away? With the key? They have the key, so nobody else can get it. What makes it worse is, their with somebody else. Your forgotten, they ask "Who's that?" when your name is mentioned. They simply leave you in their dust. You want to hate them but you love then to much. Yea, it sucks. I'm Kyra Williams. My love runaway. With the key. Nobody else has got in. He forgot about me, he doesn't even care. He moved on. I try to hate him, but I love him to much. Harry Styles stole the key to my heart.


4. 3

A/N: If your having troubles with a break up, or bullying, or abuse, or eating problems, or any problem. You can talk to me. I wont tell anybody your secert. You can email me and we can talk. I can help you. My email is I can help. You can trust me. I love every human being that has done nothing worth to be hated. No matter who you are. I dont care what you look like, where your from, how you talk, wieght, height, religion. Your perfectly inperfect. Trust me. Thats a good thing. Dont hesitiate. Love you <3

~Kyra POV~

   I jumped out of the shower and grabbed something to change into. I grabbed a white tang-top, plaid shirt, jean booty shorts, and brown cowboy boots. I threw that on and threw my red hair into a pony tail. I walked down the stairs. I saw the boys and Tessa sitting on the couch. "Hey, Ky-" Zayn started and then eyed me up and down, "Woah" He breathed. "Zayn!" Liam yelled throwing at Zayn's head. "Im going to Dallas's" I said grabbing my phone and putting it in my back pocket. Liam nodded and gave me a hug. I walked out the door and hopped into my car.

~Liams POV~

 "Well! What do you want to do?" I asked. Zayn looked at me like 'wtf?'. "Your couison just left in the hottest outfit ever to a guys house, and you dont care?" He asked. "Its fine" I shurgged. I trust Dallas. "So, what do you want to do?" I asked again. "Im going to Perrie's" Zayn said hopping up and walking out the door. "Going to El's" Louis said following Zayn. "Tess and I are going out" Harry said grabbing Tess's waist and taking her out the door. Niall looked at me, "Going to Madison's" With that he scrambled out of the house. "Home alone" I mumbled. Just then, the door burst open and Kyra walked in. "Hey babe" I said, confused why she wasnt at Dallas's. "Dallas was at his girlfriends, so I came back here" She smiled. I nodded and she kicked of her cowboy boots. She sat on the couch and faced her whole body towards me with her legs crissed-crossed. "So.." She said. I shook my head.  She fiddled with the bracelets on her wrist. I saw a think, black one with huge white letters on it. "Whats that say?" I asked. I grabbed the braclet, wrapping my fingers around it I felt the rough skin on her wrist. She looked at me with worried eyes. I took of her braclets and tears filled her eyes. I looked at her in pure shock.

"Ky, why are you doing this?" I said looking into her icy-blue, tear filled eyes.

"Please dont tell anyone" She sobbed.

"Kyra, why are you doing this?" I asked agian.

"You dont understand" She said shaking her head.

"Kyra, tell me" I said sternly.

She shook her head

"Kyra! Just tell me, dammit!" I screamed, frustrated. We told each other everything.

"Liam! You wouldnt understand! Nobody knows this sercert! Its been that way for 4 years! You dont understand how much emotional and physicall pain I had! But, nobody would know" She started laughing humerlessly, "Because nobody cares" She smirked and stood up, "And when I thought somebody did, they fooled me for 4 years. ANd then left me, in their dust. I was just a toy. And the one person that cared. Is gone, their up there" She said calmly pointing up to the roof.

"Kyra, I care, Sarah cares, Dallas cares, the boys cares, Jennifer cares-" I started listing off people that cared about her untill she cut me off.

"No! Jennifer doenst care!" She screamed, tears streaming down her face, then she mumbled, not ment for me to hear, "No all the boys care"

"What did you say?" I asked making sure I heard correctly

"You know what? Liam, I love you. I just need some time to myself" She said grabbing her boots and slipping them on. SHe walked out the door with her phone in her hand. I sat there shcoked.

-Kyra POV-

I entered the little Starbucks. I wipped my tears and pulled out my phone and took off my case. I grabbed the 20 and walked up to the counter.

"Uh, can I have a Vinalle coffee?" I asked the younger looking lady around 20.

She nodded and typed it in. A few minutes later she handed it to me and I walked out.

I arrived at a park and sat on the bench. I looked at my phone.



I got up but was pushed back down by rough strong hands.

"Well, well, well, if it isnt Kyra" A deep voice, belonging to Logan Halls.

He walked around so he could face me. Jennifer Wakes walked up behind him. They both smirked at me.

Jennifer's eyes went down to my wrist. "Oh! Little Kyra's been cutting" She said with a fake pout. SHe grabbed my wrist and stabbed her fake long nails in them. I winced in pain. Blood trickled down from the cut and she took her hand away.

Logan smacked me across the face. I pulled my hand up to my face and held it there. Logan smirked. He took my coffee and threw it on the ground, he gasped "Opps" He smirked.

He pisked me up and threw me on the ground. He kicked me in the head, makeing me grunt in pain. Jennifer smirked and stabbed my stomach with heel. I gasped and heled my stomach as blood fell out of it. Tey walked away laughing.

I layed there helplessly, bleeding.

-Harry POV-

I walked into Kyra's house and saw Liam with his head in his hands, "Liam?" I asked. Tessa walked upstairs.

He looked up and his eyes were red along with cheeks. "Whats wrong, mate?" I asked sitting next him wrapping my arm around his shoulder.

"Ky-Kyra, sh-she, I dont know were shes at" He sobbed into my shoulder. "What do you mean?" I asked confused.

"She left" He stated. I looked at him shocked.

Just then, the door burst opened and Kyra walke d in. SHe had blood on her wrist and all over her shirt. He hair was all over the place and her mascara was running down her face. She looked like a mess. There was dirt on her pants too.

"Kyra! What happend?" Liam asked running over to her.

She shook her head, he grabbed her wrist and whisperd something in her ear. She shook her head in a 'no' motion. She walked up the stairs.



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