Key to My Heart

What would you do if your love walked away? With the key? They have the key, so nobody else can get it. What makes it worse is, their with somebody else. Your forgotten, they ask "Who's that?" when your name is mentioned. They simply leave you in their dust. You want to hate them but you love then to much. Yea, it sucks. I'm Kyra Williams. My love runaway. With the key. Nobody else has got in. He forgot about me, he doesn't even care. He moved on. I try to hate him, but I love him to much. Harry Styles stole the key to my heart.


3. 2

~Kyra POV~

       We walked into Nandos. I was sat in the middle of Zayn and Niall. Across from Zayn was Harry. Across from me was Liam and then Louis. "So, Kyra. Any boyfriends?" Liam asked while wiggling his eyebrows, "No" I shook my head. He sighed, "What about Dallas?" He asked. "Were just best friend" I smiled. He nodded. "While were on the subject, when was your last boyfriend?" Harry asked. I looked up and avoided eye contact. "Uh, to-two years ago is when broke up" I said looking down at my hands. "Its okay, babe, dont be embrassed" Louis said. I looked up at him and smiled. Our waiter came. "What can I get you to drink?" He asked Niall. Her ordered, "And for you, pretty lady?" He winked. I blushed, "Uh, a pepsi please" I said. He wrote it down. They all ordered their drinks and the waiter winked at me and walked away. "Well, he seemed to like you" Niall said. I rolled my eyes. "So, Kyra, what do you like to do?" Niall asked.

"Uh, I like to play guitar" I smiled.

"She is a really really good raper" Liam commented causing me to blush.

"And I like to rap" I added.

They smiled at me. "I used to have a girlfriend who could rap" Harry added. I frowned.

"What happened to her?" Louis smirked.

Harry shurrged, "I dont rememeber, I dont think things got to serouis"

Yeah. Things didnt get serouis in a 4 year relationship.

"How long did your relationship last?" Louis asked me.

"Four years" I answerd quickley.

I heard a few 'woahs'.

Our drinks came and we ordered our food. "So! Enough about me! Hows touring?" I asked.

"Brilliant! Were actually staying here in Homes Chapel for a year!" Liam exclamied.

"Thats awesome!" I smiled.

Our food came and Niall attacked it like a lion. "So, Ky, lets talk about us" Zayn smiled.

"Im Zayn, im called that vain one. Im 20 from Bradford. I-" He was cut off my Louis, "He loves his hair. If you take his hair products he wiull kill you!"

Zayn rolled his eyes, "And I have a girlfriend named Perrie Edwards" He finished. I nodded.

"Im Louis! Im 21. Im the swag mastea from Doncasta! I love carrots!-" He was cut off by Harry, "He's crazy and weird. He's loud and hyper"

Louis chuckled, "And I have a girlfriend named Eleanor Calder" He finished like Zayn.

"Im Harry. Im called the flirt. Im from Homes Chapel. Im 18, and I have a girlfriend named Tessa Jieks" Harry said.

I wanted to scream, "I know! I know! We dated for four years!"

But, I decided I should stay silent. Niall was to bussy eating that the boy told me about him. We all ate our food and payed for the meal. We left the resturant and got in the car

~Harry POV~

    Kyra is a very beautiful girl. I cant believe she doesnt have a boyfriend! Four years is a long time to date someone without it being serouis. I cant believe her and whoever it was broke up. We got to Kyra's house and we all got out. "Liam!" Kyra's mum screamed and gave Liam a huge hug. "Hello Sarah" Liam chuckled, hugging Ms. Williams. "Hello, Zayn" Sarah said hugging Zayn. She did the same to everyone. She got to me. "Harry" She said sternly. I was a little thown back and she hugged me. "Well! Kyra! Im going to that trip with Fred! I will be back next week. Love you" She said and kissed Kyra's cheek and left. "Well. Were staying here tonight" Liam said. "Can Tess come over?" I asked. I saw Kyra frowned.

 "Hey babe" I greeted when Tessa walked in. "Hey" She smiled. "Shh, whats wrong?" I heard Liam ask. I looked over and saw Kyra crying uncontrobbly. She shook her head, "Sorry- I- uh, sorry" She stutterd and walked up the stairs. Liam sighed and followed her.

"Alright! Kyra, is um, I dont know, she should be out in a minute. Niall! You can sleep in the guest room. Zayn! You can sleep in her brother, Parker's room. Louis sleep in the guest room with Niall. There are two beds in there. Harry and Tess sleep in the other guest room" Liam clapped.

We all nodded and decided on a movie to watch. Which was Love Actually.

Half way through the movie Kyra came down. She was wearing a big grey sweat-shirt that had 'DAD' writtin in big bold letters and black and red plaid pants on. Her red hair was pulled into a bun. She had her sleeve coverd over her hand and it was pulled up over her mouth. She went over to Liam and he pulled her into his chest.

"Night, lads" Zayn said, "And girls" He added and walked up the stiars. "Theres clothes in Parkers room!" Kyra souted up the stairs. "Kyra, could Tessa borrow some clothes?" I asked. Kyra flinched and nodded. She walked up the stiars and came back with a green t-shirt and black pajama pants. "H-here" She stutterd and handed them to Tess. She smiled and went into the bathroom to change. Niall and Louis went to bed. Tessa came out. "Im going to bed" She mutterted and went upstairs and Liam followed. Tessa smirked at me, which I returned.

~Kyra POV~

 I snuggled into Liams chest. "Kyra, whats wrong?" Liam asked. "W-what?" I asked. Liam always knew when something was wrong. "Kyra. Something is wrong." He stated. "Uhm, Fred, my moms boyfriend, has a daughter named Rebecca. Rebecca was the name my last boyfriend cheated on me with" I said looking into his big brown eyes. He sighed, "Who was your last borfriend?" He asked.

"Uh, H-Henry Jaze" I siad thinking of a name.

He nodded. "Well, babe, stay strong" He said. Liam always understood me. He never pushed me to far.

I heard moaning from across the hall and I cried slightly into Liams chest. He comforted me and thought it was Henry.

No. Its the one that forgot about me.

Harry Styles.

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