Key to My Heart

What would you do if your love walked away? With the key? They have the key, so nobody else can get it. What makes it worse is, their with somebody else. Your forgotten, they ask "Who's that?" when your name is mentioned. They simply leave you in their dust. You want to hate them but you love then to much. Yea, it sucks. I'm Kyra Williams. My love runaway. With the key. Nobody else has got in. He forgot about me, he doesn't even care. He moved on. I try to hate him, but I love him to much. Harry Styles stole the key to my heart.


2. 1

~Kyra POV~


        Its been two years since Harry cheated on me. Four years since he tricked me into thinking he loved me. I would believe he still loved me if he stopped. Nope. He kept doing it. I walked in on him and Rebecca 'doing it'. He turned his head to look at me and then kept 'doing it'. Not stopping. "Ky!" My moms voice flooded the house. I walked down stairs. I saw a older man standing there and a girl my age. "Kyra. This is Fred. My boyfriend." She smiled. I nodded. "This is Rebecca is daughter" She smiled pointing the girl with black long hair. I starred at her. My face went pale. Rebecca smirked. "Ky? Whats wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost" My mom, Sarah, asked with a worried tone. A warn salty tear ran down my cheek and I ran up the stairs, my socked feet pounding agaisnt the hard-wood. I slammed my bedroom door and jumped on my bed and cried into my stuffed bear. There was a faint knock and my mom walked in and shut the door behind her.

"Ky? Whats wrong?" She asked sitting next to me. I grabbed a hair-tie from my wrist and pulled my red hair into a pony tail.

"You know Harry?" I sniffed. She nodded. I was about to tell her but I dont want to ruin, Fred and her relationship.

"Uh, Rebecca was the name of the girl he cheated with. It just remineded me of it" I nodded. She sighed and hugged me. "Babe, that was two years ago" She said. "I still love him" I said. "I know, you have to forget it" She said.

"I cant!" I said a little angry. "Its for your own good" She said calmly.

"Mom! I cant! His face is everywhere! Every single magazine, store, and billboard! Its not that easy! I love him! He is my everything! He promised me! I cant forget! I wont! It might have been easy for him, bot not me!" I yelled angerly. My mom sat there shocked. "Im sorry" I said softly.

"Its okay, baby. I know its hard" She smiled. I nodded and she grabbed my hand and we left the room.

"Sorry, she had a hard time with a break-up" My mom apoligized to Fred and Rebecca.

"Oh, im so sorry" Rebecca lied.

Fred and Rebecca left. "Your couison is coming over with his band" My mom said. I nodded and went upstairs. "He is taking you to Nandos!" She screamed. I grabbed a black lace shirt that went down to my elbows and was tight on my elbows and waist the rest was bagish. I threw on a black undershirt. I grabbed a pair of white skinny jeans and purple converse. I put that on and straignted my red hair that went down just under my rib-cage. I put eye-liner around my icy blue eyes. I grabbed my IPhone 4S and walked downstairs. I saw Liam, my cousion. "You look beautiful" He smiled. I blushed, "Thanks" I said. He grabbed my hand and we walked out to the van.

We got in the van and I was sat next to a boy with blonde hair. "Well, boys, this is Kyra" Liam introduced. "This is Niall" Liam said pointing to the the blonde haired boy. "Louis" He said pointing to the boy in the drivers seat. "Zayn" He said pointing to the guy sitting next to Niall.

"And Harry"

I turned around to see him. Brown curls and sparkling green eyes. My eyes widened. "Hello, love" Harry said. "Hi" I said and turned around. My face was pale. "Alright then" Liam said and we drove to Nandos.

Harry Styles.

Its true.

He has forgottn about me.

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