After Midnight

This is my first attempt at a crime/suspense piece.

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading!~


1. Exuberance


Walking alone, he looked at his watch as it read "12:06 am". He gasped for a small amount of air as if yawning and continued to walk. The sidewalk was quiet and every step he takes seems to bring him farther rather than closer to his destination. But he just kept on walking.


After a couple of minutes of walking around the streets, he stopped and looked at a bar.


The sign read: "The Four-Leaf Clover".


It was obviously a pub just by the name of it.


"Irish..." the man said to himself and sighed. Then it started to rain. He ran for cover under the canvas covering the entrance to the pub.


While standing outside in the rain, he can't help but peek inside and see no one.

"A pub empty in a Friday is unusual..." and after saying that, the downpour stopped.


He went on his way and then an eerie chill started to creep up his spine. He felt as if someone was observing him but he couldn't dare to look back or he didn't want to.


He expedited his strides and reached his home.


It was an apartment in a 6-year old building in poor condition.

It was not appealing to the eyes but it was home.


He unlocked the door, went in, closed the door behind him and went straight to bed.

Crashed on his bed and slept immediately.


He got up as he heard something moving inside his small kitchen. He didn't realize he has been sleeping for two and a half hours already. He looked at his watch. 03:15 am.

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