After Midnight

This is my first attempt at a crime/suspense piece.

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading!~


2. Encounter


"3:15...damn", he said to himself as he was getting up off of his old bed. There were no bed sheets, just a plain old torn mattress which he got off a Garage Sale last month for 5 bucks.


He sat on the chair facing his bed and noticed something. The kitchen light was turned on. He thought he never turned it on when he arrived. He got up, walked slowly towards the kitchen and clenched his right fist.


He peeked through the crevices of the slightly ajar kitchen door.


He saw nothing out of the ordinary.


He went in the kitchen and opened his fridge. He peered inside and said to himself in disdain. "There's nothing to eat.."


He closed the fridge, turned off the lights and went straight into the bathroom.


He washed his face and stared at the mirror. He gazed at his reflection and saw a silhouette of a man behind him.

Before he could turn around, his head made contact with the mirror and he was knocked out, unconscious on the bathroom floor.


He woke up to the sound of his noisy neighbors from Italy who just moved in last week. He looked out to the main door and it was closed. Nothing seemed to have changed except the bathroom mirror that was now broken.


He got up slowly, wiped the blood off his brow and walked towards the kitchen. He opened the second drawer on the right and pulled out a small metal box with a red cross on it. "Damn..who was that?" he said to himself, while taking out old bandages from the First Aid Kit.


After patching himself up, he walked slowly to his bedroom and noticed that his briefcase was missing.


"Damn thief!". He punched the wall and sat down.


Frustrated, he exclaimed, "Guess I have to call in a sick leave today..."

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