After Midnight

This is my first attempt at a crime/suspense piece.

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading!~


3. Discovery

A patrolman entered the room. "We've just got a call from Lithgow Pharmaceuticals that Mr. Jenkins called in sick for the day."


"Calling in sick for the day was probably the worst thing he's ever done.", Detective Michaels jested as he looked to his partner. "Who called us?"


"The landlady, she's a nosy one. Curious as to why Mr…." Liam had to look in his notes. "Jenkins. She was curious why Mr. Jenkins hasn't left his apartment since the man is rarely home and she always sees him leave for work at around 8am."


Daniel Jared Michaels has been a city detective for 5 years. He's been categorised as a loose cannon, arresting people with not much evidence and just his gut feeling. Funny enough, his gut feelings are right - most of the time. He's juggled 3 partners already, and all of them requesting transfers to different divisions.


Liam Kent is his 4th and current partner. The kid just got out of "detective school" and is very hopeful that he'll learn something useful from Dan.


"They look like they've got everything handled", whispered a patrol officer who got to the scene before the detectives.


His partner thought otherwise. "Cocky and over-confident, the two of them will either mesh together well like a perfect floor piece or cause too much friction and burn themselves out. And that's a direct quote from the police chief!"


Dan just stared at the two of them and walked out of the scene. Liam ordered the two patrolmen to secure the room until Crime Scene Investigators arrive.


"It was 2 in the afternoon when we got the call, and looking at the state of the body and the crime scene, I'd say he died at around 4am. Any idea who our perp is Dan?", Liam queried as they stood outside the apartment.


"Not until we ask the neighbours if they saw anyone suspicious - or if anyone saw anything at all. We can be sure of one thing though" exclaimed Dan Michaels, "we're not dealing with some random thief."


His partner looked perplexed but any questions he had, he kept it to himself.

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