I'm in Love with my Best Friend (One Direction not famous)

An insecure girl who battles bullying, self harm and mental let down in school and home. If that isn't enough pain, she has to see her one and only best friend whom she’s had a crush on forever with another girl, and that girl is her bully. What happens when one day Harry posts a picture of her on a modeling website and she posts a video of him singing on the x factor page? Will their journey lead them to falling in love or will it just cause more trouble?


8. Chapter 8

You know when we messed up your room? I was the one who taught her how to get up there without being caught” He shrugged.

“It’s ok, I’m over it now, besides… it had pass lock on it, I’m not that stupid” I made a weird face. He let out a relived sigh.

“Oh thank god, I thought you were gonna kill me” He whined.

“Aw shut up old lady” I hit his arm.

“Stop it!” He warned me.

“Sorry, come here!” I took him close and hugged him.

“I love you” I said in his chest whilst hugging him. If only he knew how I meant it.

“I love you too” He snuggled me closer.

“Ok, I have to go to tell my mom the good news, I’ll see you tomorrow” He held my face and kissed my forehead.

“Bye” “See you” I managed to say. That boy just leaves you breathless, literally. It’s like when you laugh like a retard then you cant breath cause you laughed too much. Yeah that pretty much sums it up. I was smiling like a fool the whole night through, just thinking about how amazing it felt to be in his arms. I tucked myself into bed and took out my phone. Scrolled through some tweets, checked my facebook, whatsapp, and I came across BBM. 1 new message from Harry.  

My mom’s freaking out, thanks to you! :o ahaha! X 

sorry, tell her I say congrats! 

On what, you idiot!

Her son getting through to boot camp, duhhh

So I guess I start packing after tomorrow eh?

:( Why do you have to leave..

You put me into this babe;)

First you thank me and now it’s my fault, ugh! Make up your mind-.- 

I’m joking, thanks baby :P xx Aha. 

You better thank me!

And YOU better thank me cause I’m about to send you a screenshot of what Jack Wills company sent me.

Can’t wait, bring it!

You’re gonna love me.

I already do you idiot. You sicken me too much I can’t contain it.

You annoy me too much I feel like kicking you

You’re an idiot at heart

You’re a dick at brains I love you .x

Love you more ;) xx

Screenshot_97639208.jpg sent

I looked at the picture for a while and decided I shouldn't open it now, maybe tomorrow morning, I don’t want to worry. But maybe it’s a secret letter from Hogwarts that If I read it I get accepted into the school of wizardry, maybe it’s a hidden note from the hunger games, oh my gosh I have to open it. I clicked open and to my surprise, oh well… it’s a normal letter.  

Dear Mrs. Jessie, We have been observing a certain amount of your very well photography and admired your well demolished love for the fashion business. It may be a very open possibility that we might be having you to come audition for a teen model promotion Jack Wills is now opening it’s brand new collection with different intriguing styles and various fashions. We offer you a completely paid and reserved trip to Italy for an experience, we may be seeing a very open and bright future, it’s very welcome to have you. We’ll be in touch until then. If you accept, your experience starts in 5 days to be exact, and if not we are very assured that you might be missing on a life time opportunity to brighten your future and your eyes into the fashion business. Thanks and greetings, Jack Wills Company. Is this for real? Are they for real? Is this a joke? This has to be a joke! I quickly called up Harry.

“Harry, this it too good of an offer, are you sure it’s authorized?” I asked, phasing around my room smiling.

“The official website got in contact with me, it’s 100% real!” He fan girled with me. One of the many things I admired about him.

“You’re pretty good at fan girling dude” I admitted.

“And you’re very bad at giving me compliments” He said back, I can literally feel him smiling through the phone. I was silent, didn't say a word after that.

“Babe?” He called. I loved it when he called me babe, for some reason it made me feel like he’s mine. But what am I dreaming of? He’ll never be mine.

“I’m serious, are you there?” He got worried.

“Yeah I’m here, why?” I said normally, ignoring the thoughts in my head that suddenly came up for me to tell him how I feel about him. Hell to the no, just no.

“I’m sorry, I didn't mean it like that” He apologized.

“No it’s ok, I know you didn't mean it that way. So what’re you doing tomorrow?” I asked, feeling cheery again.

“Nothing, hey babe?” and here comes the butterfly load.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“After tomorrow I’m not going to school, you know to get ready and stuff, stay with me?” He asked with hope.

“Yeah sure, anything to miss school” I smirked.

“Great, can’t wait! We’re gonna have so much fun!” He cheered.

“you’re cute when you act like a kid” I suddenly blurted out. Shit shit shit shit shit shit why the hell did I say that?! He felt me panicking behind the phone, I was sure of it.

“Nahh you’re cuter” He admitted. Gosh, am I even cute? Maybe he was just trying to be nice and return the favor, whatever. I don’t even care what he thinks. Oh gosh who am I kidding, of course I care what he thinks. Realizing he’s still on the phone, I quickly said “oh thanks” and he said

“you’re welcome, so is your mom ok with Italy and all this?” He asked.

“My mom wouldn't care Hazza, I’ll just tell her and she’d be happy she’s getting rid of me” I pouted.

“I’m sorry, if there’s anything I would do or just… I don’t know, if you need to talk I’m always here ok?” He comforted me.

“Thanks for that, I owe you” I turned off my lights and tucked deeper in my bed.

“You don’t have to thank me, you deserve it. Oh and how about your brother?” He asked again.

“I’ll let him know tomorrow, don’t worry” there was a dead silence for a few seconds then he blurted out.

“I’m gonna miss you” I smiled through the phone.

“I love that smile” He smirked.

“Uhh how did you know?” I tried objecting.

“I know you, sweetheart go to bed, you seem tired” He said sweetly. Is it possible for someone to be this sweet? Like seriously? He’s killing me and he doesn't even know it. Maybe it’s a natural thing. I laughed,

“ok, see you tomorrow. Good night”

“Night, love you” He said, moaning while he was obviously getting in bed.

“Love you too’” and I hung up. For once in a long time, I wen to bed with no worries, no stress, just plain happiness. Maybe opening up and being you does bring you a joy in life. It brought joy to mine. I woke up next morning really quickly considering I was 15 minutes late and no one intended to wake me up. I ran into the bathroom, brushed my teeth and did the usual stuff. I put on some denim jeans, a cute purple top I pulled out of my closet, and silver gladiator flats. I let my hair down and applied some make up. I looked like a mess but who cares huh? I went down carrying my bag with my hair all over the place, grabbed a sandwich from the table and yelled ‘Nathan I’m off to school!” Finally, made it on time to school. I made my way to my locker and saw Dylan standing by his locker, looking at me with a smile, then he decided he should stop stalking me and walk over. “Hey, you look in a rush today, you ok?” He laughed slightly.

“ I’m fine, just woke up late and stuff, how about you? Decided it was cute to stare at me for a while?” I made fun of him, in a cute way.

“It’s hard to look away from an adorable girl like you” He blushed. So did I, but I was confident enough to reply “You’re not bad yourself” I smiled. We both walked together since we have the same class today, of course scoring death stares from Macy and her posy.

“Hey I was wondering, do you have a master slap account?”

“What’s that?” I asked him weirdly.

“Just a website, more like twitter or something, I was searching for you last night and didn't find you, so yeah” He bit his lip. Darn, why does he have to be so damn cute?

“No, I don’t have an account actually, but I do have twitter” I admitted.

“I’ll follow you later on” we both walked into class.

“You’re later, both of you after school detention!” Mrs. Robin yelled. We both put our heads down shyly and nodded “Yes ma’am” Oh what a great day this is going to be, detention after school? Really? Shit.

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