I'm in Love with my Best Friend (One Direction not famous)

An insecure girl who battles bullying, self harm and mental let down in school and home. If that isn't enough pain, she has to see her one and only best friend whom she’s had a crush on forever with another girl, and that girl is her bully. What happens when one day Harry posts a picture of her on a modeling website and she posts a video of him singing on the x factor page? Will their journey lead them to falling in love or will it just cause more trouble?


6. Chapter 6

I’m still that insecure little girl I used to be, nothing’s going to ever change that. Just a couple comments from some of Harry’s friends won’t effect me but somehow it did. It’s just really bugging me at the moment at how this is happening because of Harry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful. But, it seems that they like me just because harry does. 

“Oh my gosh I am so going to kill you for this!” I said, smiling but angry and the same time.

“And Nathan… eww, no. Just no, how dare you call your own sister hot?” I said, disgusted.  

“Babe, you are hot! Look at you!” Kaylie said nudging me.

“No, I look like a half eaten cow, admit it!” I replied as I shrugged my shoulders. 

“No, seriously. Take this from me, I don’t find anyone hot… you look hot.” Harry said, nudging my shoulders. 

Did he just call me hot? Did I really just wear a dress In front of my brother? Is it really possible for me to fall in love with Harry even more? 

“Hello? Are you listening to me?” Harry screamed, which woke me up from my deep thoughts. 

“Yeah, what?” I replied. “Wear this to school tomorrow!” He said, proudly. “No way, I look weird!” I objected. “You look amazing! Just wear it, for me?” He tilted his head. How the hell am I supposed to say no now?

“Fine, but only this one time!” I folded my arms and went up stairs. Nathan and Kaylie started ‘ooooohhhh’-ing at Harry as he was staring at me while I made my up the stairs. Yes, eyes of a hawk.  “BUT I AM GOING TO GET BACK AT YOU FOR THIS!” I peeked my head from the stairs, speaking with an evil tone. He waved his hands at me showing he doesn't care and smirked. 

I made my way up and took off what I was wearing. I slipped into some sweat pants and a text t-shirt that said ‘I <3 London’. I reached out to grab my phone from my desk but it wasn't there. I swear I just put it there, ugh. “Guys, did you see my phone?” I asked, running down the stairs searching in between the sofas. 

“No, you took it up stairs with you right?” Nathan asked, while he took another sip of his drink. 

“Guys, pause the movie for a second and help me look for it? Please?” I begged. There is no way my phone is lost, It’s my life and there is no way I just lost my life. I swear it was with me. 

“Nothing” Harry said, giving up after 20 minutes of looking all over the house.

“Wow, this place is a mess, mom’s gonna kill you” Nathan said, casually sitting down with his arms around Kaylie.

“When is she even here to realize the mess, Nathan?” I asked, annoyed. “Good point” He stated. 

“We’re gonna find it, don’t worry. Come, let’s search deeper in your room, maybe it fell or something?” Harry tried comforting me as I was loosing my mind. He took my hand and leaded my upstairs. 

Let me repeat that cause I like the sound of it, …He took my hand. Ok, back to reality. We both crashed and clashed the whole room looking for my blackberry but it was no where to be found.

“Harry, if you’re pulling some sort of prank on me you’re so dead ok?!” 

“I swear i’m not pulling a prank on you, I was downstairs the whole time!” He objected.

“You’re gonna find it, it’s ok” He sat down beside me rubbing my back to comfort me. 

“Whatever, let’s just go watch the movie” I said annoying, as we both got up to make our way downstairs. We ended up telling jokes and laughing our heads off even though they were the lamest jokes off all time. What can I say, we’re classy idiots. 

“Hey, thanks for tonight” Harry said while he put his arms around my waist to hug me.

“I’ll see you tomorrow eh?” He whispered into my ear. “Aha” I managed to say and hugged him back.  Why does he have to do this to me? Right now, all I want is for him to be mine. Just mine, not anybody else’s. And him being all cute around me doesn't help at all. Why does he have to be so cute? It should be illegal to be even be that adorable. Bleh. I went to bed as I thought about where I left my phone, gosh how did it just disappear this fast, it’s bugging me. I woke up the next morning with my body on the floor.

“What the fudge” I whispered under my breath as I got up. It looks like I fell off my bed. Ninja dream probably… I got annoyed when I remembered that I’m going to wear something really girly to school today, and yeah… I lost my phone. I’m gonna cry now, just don’t remind me about it.  

I went to the bathroom and stared at myself for a moment, I took the toothbrush and applied some toothpaste then started brushing my teeth. Brushing your teeth is so boring. I washed my face and put on some soft make up just like how Kaylie taught me, that girl is a life savior.  

I walked out to see Dylan on my porch. Dylan  Ok, mini heart attack happened right there.  

“Hey, sorry I didn't mean to just appear… you know” He said, nervously. He put his hands in his pocket as he stood. 

“Hey, what’re you doing here?” I smiled as I walked to here is.  

“Just needed someone to walk with to school, it’s a long way and my sister won’t give me a ride” He said, embarrassed. We both started walking as we talked. 

“Why?” I asked, concerned. 

“Reasons, it doesn't matter. So how are you?” He tried changing the subject. 

“Pretty good, annoyed though. You?” I put my hands in my pocket. 

“Same, why annoyed?” He laughed slightly. OMG CA-UTE.

“I lost my phone, and did you see what I’m wearing?” I wondered my hand in my hair, feeling a bit embossed. 

“Ouch, probably in the chocolate cabinet, I always find my phone there!”

“I flipped the house upside down, but whatever.” I but my lip. 

“And by the way, you look great, you should dress like this more. Just saying” He raised his hands as whiteness. 

“Hey, i’m not gonna hit you. Do I really look that violent?!” 

“No, I dunno.. It just felt needed” He laughed. AW THE LAUGH. NOT THE LAUGH. IT’S TOO CUTE. “Yeah” I smirked.

“And thanks but no way am I going to dress like this anymore!” 

“Why? You got everyone’s eyes on you, I bet you’d get whoever you want if you dress like that” He complimented. 

I blushed and said “So you’re saying I dress like a slut?” I raised my eyebrow. 

“No, I just mean that you look really pretty, anyone would be luck to have you, you know what I mean?” He said, nicely. 

“Yeah, thanks. So i’ll see you later?” I smiled, as we stopped in front of the school gates. 

“I’ll see you later” He waved at me before he turned to go to his locker. I smiled and made my way to my first class since Harry was no where to be found. 

I found him after second period because apparently he had to go somewhere? So anyways, I got to lunch and everyone stared at me and harry while we walked through. Macy stood up and…. oh my gosh, is Macy Roberts wearing the exact same jumpsuit as me? 

She looks way slutty though. The room went dead silence as a wave of evil spread across the room. She got up from her seat and said “Oh look, mail man thinks she can look as good as me in that huh?” She got evil glares from everyone in the room as I felt powerless once again.  I was about to walk out, then harry said “Actually Macy, she looks a million times better than you in that” He spat back at her. The whole room agreed and she left the lunch room with her “group” to the bathroom. 

“Thanks for that” I said, making my way to our lunch table with a bunch of friends. Yes, apparently I have friends now. 

“What are best friends for?” He smiled. We sat down and enjoyed our lunch. For once, I wasn't nervous about being in school. I was happy about it. Once again, all thanks to Harry. 

After school ended I headed straight home after I stopped to Dylan giving me my mobile. He said he found it in Macy’s purse when she went to the bathroom. You’re wondering what he was doing in the girls bathroom huh? Well, long story. We exchanged numbers and PIN’s and all dat shiz, then I got home. I got comfy in some sweats and a tank top and opened my laptop. I looked at some twitter mentions and stuff, checked my Facebook, went on tumblr, and then I got bored so I just decided to watch my old videos. I came across the one I recorded of Harry singing last night. 

I watched it play with a tear in my eyes, he sounds like an angel singing. Wow, just wow. I have an idea. I don’t think it’s a good one but like… I don’t know. What if I post his video on The X Factor website? I know he loves singing and he told me he really wants to audition but he’s so scared and shy. Should I do it? He deserves to be heard! And another thought, this might be the perfect revenge to what he made me wear to school today.    

Should I post it? 

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