I'm in Love with my Best Friend (One Direction not famous)

An insecure girl who battles bullying, self harm and mental let down in school and home. If that isn't enough pain, she has to see her one and only best friend whom she’s had a crush on forever with another girl, and that girl is her bully. What happens when one day Harry posts a picture of her on a modeling website and she posts a video of him singing on the x factor page? Will their journey lead them to falling in love or will it just cause more trouble?


2. Chapter 2

I don’t know what’s gotten into me these days, I seemed to be waking up with no alarm clock to get ready for school. I hate waking up this early! I can’t go back to sleep now though, breakfast sounds good. I made my way down the hall and stopped at my brother’s room. 

“Nathan?” I knocked on the door slightly. 

“Come in!” He screamed. 

“Why up so early eh?” I questioned, leaning on his desk. 

“I have things to do, now get out of my room please!” He motioned his hands for me to leave.

“What things?” I questioned once more. 

“You know, you annoy the hell out of me but I love you!” He said, with a confusing face. 

“Well, we don’t hear that often, now do we?” I said sarcastically. 

“Why are you up this early anyway?” He asked, sliding his phone in his pocket. 

“I don’t know, bad dream I guess?” I bit my lip. 

“Ok, I have to go pick up Ashton and head to a lecture!” He put his arms on my shoulder. 

“Ok, have fun!” I smiled. 

“You too!” We both made our way out of his room and down the stairs. 

“You’re not gonna be there, so of course I will!” I smirked, he rolled his eyes and made his way out the door. Looks like it’s just me and Alex now. 

I got some orange juice and headed back to my room. What to wear? Hmmm… I’ll go for something simple. Black skinny jeans, Abercrombie top and toms! I showered and got dressed then picked up my bag and headed to school. Yeah I go walking, what’s the point in taking the bus anyway?

“Hey, where were you last night? I've been calling you for hours!” Harry approached me as we walked through the school halls. 

“I didn't have any miss calls this morning?” I said confused, asking at the same time.  

“Yeah well, I have loads to tell you! do you mind if we catch something for lunch after school?” He asked, stopping me.  

“Ummm, yeah ok. I’ll talk to you later. Bye” I flashed him a genuine smile and headed to my class.  

He rushed over to Macy {surprise, surprise} and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I kept walking and pretended I didn't see anything, she kept staring at me and giving me those evil smirks. Gosh, what does he see in her? The only thing real about her is… well yeah that’s the problem, nothing’s real. I don’t even know why I spend too much time thinking about her, whatever.  Thank god that class went by early with no drama! I walked over to the toilet to adjust my hair. I looked at the mirror, and added some lip gloss that I had just taken out of my bag. 2 girls came in and stood in front of the mirror next to me.  

“So you heard the news?” One of the girls said. I pretended I wasn't listening, but I actually am. The little sneaky girl I happen to be :)  

“Yes of course, I can’t believe it! I mean, how dare he?” She said, putting on some make up. 

“Macy’s a good girl, why would he cheat on her?” She turned to face the other girl. My heart dropped once again and I walked out of the bathroom silently.  

I got through some classes and if finally came to lunch, I walked in to the cafeteria to see harry walking towards me with anger in his eyes, and fists in a bun. 

“HOW COULD YOU?” He screamed to my face. I got terrified and tongue tied, harry never ever in his life talked to me liked that. I felt the tears about to flood the moment he looked at me with that look, towering over me. 

“w-what are you talking about?” I said, shockingly. 

“You think you’re so cool walking around making rumors about people? Well guess what, YOU’RE NOT COOL, OK? GET OVER IT!” He yelled at me, once again. 

“What fucking rumor harry?!” I managed to say. 

“I never cheated on Macy and I never will, you’re just jealous!” He said. You got that right styles. Oh gosh, I over heard those girls talking about this and he thinks I spilled that rumor. Oh gosh, please help me.  “Baby, she’s not worth it” Macy Pulled him away and started kissing him. He smiled at her and walked away from me. 

Everyone kept staring at me. I just stood there, lifeless. How could he think it was me? Out of all people, he thought it was me? I scanned the room to see Macy smirking at me, and then she winked. That idiot, she spilled the rumor, didn't she! Ughhh, i’m such an idiot. 

“Out of all people? You think it’s me Harry? Really?” I said, bravely this time. 

“Yes you, weren't you the one I came to last night? Who would've spilled it then?” He said, raising his eyebrows. 

“Go ahead styles, do something you promised me you won’t do. Say the things you promised me you won’t say, thanks a lot.” A tear slid down my face and I walked out of the cafeteria, and out of the school gates. I need a break from everything. 

It was totally Macy, who would hate me that much to do that to me? 

I walked home to see Nathan on the couch with a girl. Nothing new here, just my player brother. 

“Jess? Why are you home so early, what happened?” He asked, getting up. 

“I don’t wanna talk about it” I said, with tears filling up my eyes. I was sure they were

going to flood down my cheeks and second now. 

“Why? What did harry do? Should I kill him?” Yes please.

“No, he didn't do anything! I’m ok, really. I’m ok” I faked a genuine smile. 

“Ok, Jess this is Kaylie my girlfriend. Kaylie, this Jessica, my sister!” He introduced us. 

“Hey, nice to meet you” She shook my hand. 

“You too” I smiled. 

“Ok now don’t get along too well, just because you’re both the same age doesn't mean you

get to be friends, got it?” He smirked. 

“Professor dickhead, what’s for lunch?” I asked. 

“Get your own lunch” He raised his eyebrow, stating. 

I walked up to my room and laid on my bed, why me? Why out of all the people in the 

world was this happening to me?   

I hate this. I heard a light knock on my door and saw Kaylie walking in.

“Hey, can I come in?” She asked, politely. 

“Yeah sure” I said, not looking up. 

“You’re not ok, I’m not an idiot like you’re brother” She said, sitting next to me. 

“Wow, you’re the first girl he dated who called him idiot, I love you” I stated. 

“Well he is, but I love him for that. He’s my idiot!” She blushed. 

“That’s so cute!” I pinched her cheek.

“I’m not 5 ok? So, let’s talk about you. What’s wrong?” 

“I don’t know, everything” I shook my head lightly. 

“What do you mean? You can tell me anything, you know that right?” 

“I just met you..”

“Your brother talks about you way to much, and you’re a nice girl. If you wanna talk, i’m

here ok?”

Aww he talks about me? THAT FISH. :’)

“Ok, thanks” “Anytime, now tell me what’s wrong?”


“Did you ever feel like you aren't good enough? Like whatever you do, and don’t do just 

doesn't please people?” I asked, looking up at her. 

“Boyfriend trouble?” 

“No, I’m sorry but I really don’t wanna talk about it”

“It’s ok, just tell me if you need anything” She said, and walked out of my room.   

Aww she’s nice. Now back to Harry and the queen of devil land. I just noticed something,

I have no one now. Absolutely no one. The person who understood me the most, is gone.

The person I loved the most, is gone. The person who knew who I really am, is gone. 

I sat on my bed, over thinking things through. Then my phone rang, It’s Macy. 

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