I'm in Love with my Best Friend (One Direction not famous)

An insecure girl who battles bullying, self harm and mental let down in school and home. If that isn't enough pain, she has to see her one and only best friend whom she’s had a crush on forever with another girl, and that girl is her bully. What happens when one day Harry posts a picture of her on a modeling website and she posts a video of him singing on the x factor page? Will their journey lead them to falling in love or will it just cause more trouble?


12. Chapter 12

I need to concentrate on my future now, and that includes not using my phone and getting distracted a lot. The phone kept ringing as the guilt started to fill in my body, when it turned off I felt like I did something wrong. Oh yeah, I did.

“What’s wrong?” Dylan asked, questioning the guilty look on my face.

“Oh it’s nothing, so come on, let’s get ready!” I acted cheerful.

“Should I wear this or this?” I hung out 2 different tops.

“You’ll look good in both, and besides, you’re going to change into the outfit you bought last night when you get there” He shrugged his shoulders as he bent down to grab his shoes.

“I’ll wear the black one, it’s cuter” I nodded.

“Great” He smiled and raised his thumb. 
After all that morning cuss about getting ready and how important today is, we finally arrived at the shooting location which was literally under a huge waterfall in a lost place. I thought they were going to drop water on us, but it looks like this is real deal, they weren't joking. As we walked in, my phone went off again, but It was a text this time.“Harry” the message contact flashed, and my heart slipped down a bit. I opened up the message to see a long note written, I was almost too scared to read it. 

Hey, umm.. I called you this morning and you didn't pick up, so I was just making sure you were ok. I miss you a lot Jess  really. I wanna give up, I wanna quit this singing thing and I just want to be with you. You have no idea how much I miss you and I’m sorry for telling you off last time, I knew how much it bothered you. So yeah, I hope you’re ok. Give me a call back soon or Skype so we can catch up? I love you. :) .xx

A smile crept upon my face and made my heart go up and down at the same time. I forgot the feelings I had for harry but they suddenly rushed back.

“There you are, my two little cutie’s!” A young aged woman engaged us.

“Hello” Dylan and I said.

“This way please” she led us to where we were supposed to be changing and putting on our make-up.

“Thanks” we both took a seat.

“This is scary” Dylan rubbed his hands together.

“It’s not, it’s actually quite fun, don’t you think?” I smiled at him.

“Yeah sure” His eyes widened.

“What do you mean?” I asked, more like begged.

“Well, I don’t like modeling, I was forced to” His face went down.

“Oh, i’m sorry, but make the best of it” I gave him a side hug.

“But now that you’re here, I don’t regret signing up” We both laughed.

“You poo” I slapped his arm playfully as we both laughed. 

“Hello, I’m William and i’ll be working on your make-up today, Alicia come get me some coffee!” He looked back at us as we sat there, frozen.

“You, oh you…” He squished my face with his hands and punched my cheeks.

“You need foundation, pronto!” Umm.. Is he gay?

“I think he’s gay” Dylan whispered into my ear while we both adjusted our sitting formation.

“Read my mind” I rolled my eyes and patted my hair.

They guy came in back again and started caking my face, but after he finished it looked absolutely amazing, after that, two people came in and curled my hair, more like a wavy style. After getting dressed and all that preparation, they finally called us in to take the first test shot. 

We walked to the waterfall while we observed it’s natural beauty and stood in front of it.

“What are you waiting for? Go under it!” The women yelled at us. “under?” Dylan asked, unsure.

“YES!” We both nodded and went under it. We got wet the moment we stepped onto the rocks.

“But my make up?” I asked, screaming from a distance.

“IT’S WATERPROOF DEAR!” She yelled back, rolling her eyes. Oh shut up granny. 

“Show us some chemistry, show us what you got!” A young man directed us. Dylan leaned on the rocks in a seductive way which made me laugh, but I have to admit he looks sexy.


I leaned my hands on his torso and looked at the sky, they got some more shots and we continued making up different moves and poses. After half an hour of just standing under cold water acting like a couple, they finally dismissed us to go get changed into dry clothes and take the make up off. 

“I think the second one’s better” I suggested as we looked through the shots.

“Alright then, second one it is, congratulations” She shook both our hands and took the papers. I can’t believe we’re going to be featured in VOGUE magazine. This is just the begging and look what’s happening, I can’t be happier. Speaking of happy, I didn't reply to Harry’s message. 

When we made our way to the car to get back home from a really long day and just laid there with zero energy in me. I got out my blackberry and started typing up a message for Harry. Now what should I say? Should I tell him I miss him too? Should I tell him what’s been going on? Should I tell him that I sort of like Dylan? Should I tell him I love him? Gosh. 

Hey harry :) Sorry, I was busy. I’m ok, don’t worry about me. I miss you much more, I just want to hug you right now, you have no idea. Don’t give up harry, you’re going to do this, and I believe in you. Skype sounds good, how about when I get to my apartment in a bit. I love you too. :) xx

I quickly hit send while closing my eyes and waited patiently for his reply, it took him about 10 seconds to reply, he was probably waiting for my text. Ugh, now I feel bad. 

That wouldn't be necessary, i’ll pass Skype .x Why?:( 

You’ll see babe xx  ok? I love you. 

I love you too. 

But I love you more. 

Shut upppppp, way more. 

Ok, show me. 

Harry! I love you more, end of. 

If you say soooooo…  I smiled to myself as Dylan questioned the idiotic look on my face. I quickly wiped it off and adjusted my shirt. After a long a quiet ride back to the apartment, me and Dylan stumbled to our apartment door and slid on it.

“I can’t walk anymore, I’m so tired” He whined. I took the keys from him and opened the door as he joined me in.

“Oh my gosh, what are you doing here?” I saw Harry and quickly went to hug him. He put his arms around my waist and twirled me around.

“I miss you so much” He whispered into my ear as he twirled me, with my arms around his neck.

“I missed you more! Not that i’m mad but aren't you supposed to be at a show?” I let go of his warm grip and we both sat on the sofa with me on his lap and Dylan went to sleep. 

“I am..” He admitted.

“Then what are you doing here?” I asked politely. He helped me slip off his lap and sit beside him, he put his arms securely around my shoulders and pulled me close.

“I quit the show, Jess” He said, looking into my eyes. 

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