I Followed Your Voice

1D Valentines Day Competiton

Jennifer and Ruby are having an ordinary Valentines Day alone, when they bump into 5 guys on the beach.

How will this Valentines Day be any different to all the others?

Read on to find out.....

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1. I Followed Your Voice

It was a warm February night, another Valentines day. It's always the same thing, me and my best friend taking a walk along the deserterd beach. The moon was high above the ribbling water of the ocean, such a vibrant blue. My best frind Ruby was pacing along at my side. I looked out to the sea, the waves seemed to be dancing excitedly. Ruby nudged me on the shoulder and said "what's up with you?" I held my finger to my lips trying to shut her up, I was listening carefully. "What is it Jennifer?" I cut her off and said loud and sharp "can you hear that?" "Hear what" Ruby said with a puzzled exspression. "Just listen" I said in an irritated tone". "ok, ok!" Ruby said aggresivly. A short silence fell upon us, I could hear the waves brushing up the sand, and the wind whistling softly against my ears. "Is that" Ruby started to say. "One Direction" we both said together excitedly.

We both decided to follow the music. "Maybe we could join some teenagers little beach party, enjoy ourselves for once on this special day" Ruby said eargerly. I just nodded, trying to contain my excitement as we saw a fire burning a little way in the distance. We walked as fast as we could. When we got there we could not beleive our eyes. The music playing was actually a guy on a guitar, and other guys singing along.....as for the teenagers....it was far better than a couple of 1D obsessed teens....it was.....it was.....One Direction Themselves!!!! My heart was pounding out of control, eaither from the thrill of the moment or becuase I was nevous. I could tell Ruby was feeling the same way I was.

Ruby does not speak, the guy on the Guitar who I realize is Harry freakin Styles stops playing and looks straight at me. All the other boys have now stopped singing and are just staring at us. I decide to break the tention by speaking up with a shudder. "Uh-uh-hi. I'm so-sorry to bo-bother you guys, we were ju-just taking a stroll and we saw the fire going, thought we'd take a look who else is here". I breathed nervously. Harry said "your pretty cute the way you stutter". I felt my face go red. Nobody laughed or commented so I assumed the darkness hid the fact that I was embarressed. I felt a bit braver so I said "oh yeah. Well your pretty gorgeous just sat there playing that guitar". All the boys except Harry started whistling at me. Harry looked at me with enthusiasm and said "why don't you and your little friend join us". We did not let down an offer like this, I sat next to Harry and Zayn. Ruby stood nervously looking about where to sit. Niall spoke up saying sweetly "you can come sit next to me and Liam if ye like". Ruby sat beside Niall obediently. Ruby looked so nervous, I on the other hand was feeling rather confident.

I said to Harry "I can play guitar to". Harry said suprised by her sudden outburst "oh really, cool". I hold out my hands saying "may I?" He hands over the guitar saying "sure". I start to play a 1D song. The boys sing along. Ruby decides to join in as she knows all the words to the song. Niall's solo comes up, but Ruby keeps on singing. She ends up singing the solo part with him. They both gaze into one anothers eyes romantically for a moment. Niall says all a flutter "you have an amazing singing voice". Ruby blushes and says nervously with a smile "th-thanks".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Harry starts looking at me the way Niall looked at Ruby. I gulped as he said in a husky tone "as for you, your guitar skills are amazing, well played". I thank him as he smiles sweetly at me. Harry suddenly leaps up making me jump. He grabs a hold of my hand saying "excuse us guys, but were gunna go for a bit of a stroll". I look up from the floor at Harry for a moment, before getting up and saying to him "I think I'm gunna go now anyway, afterall it is getting late". Harry says desperatly "let me come along with you, it's not that late, just a short walk". I sigh and think to myself "Jenna, what the hell are you playing at. Don't you dare screw up an oppertunity as big as this. Your going for a walk, all alone with Harry freakin Styles!' I shake my thoughts out of my head and look at Harry saying "ok fine, where should we go?" He points without hesitation down the beach saying "that way". I say "why that way?" Harry grins at me cheekily and says "because I only go in one direction, and thats that way". He points once again with a short laugh. The boys all laugh at this comment, as did I. He then looks seriously at me and says "plus...." he pauses, then says "that's the way to my house". The boys cooed at me and Harry making all saughts of childish noises. I blushed with embarressment. He took my hand and we both started walking into the dakness.

We walked for a while, until the fire light was no longer in sight. We both looked out across the sea so wide. The moon was shining down on it's surface, a misty glow arizing from it's surface. We both run towards the water, each stride taking us deeper into the blue. The water was cold and up to my belly, but I didn't care. Harry splashed me playfully. We began splashing each other, our laughter echoed slightly in the night air. In order to get away I ran out of the water. I was nearly out the water when Harry leapt on me, knocking me to the ground. The waves rippling under my back. Harry collapsed on top of me. He looked at me for a second, my short laughter died to silence. He leaned in towards me. I closed my eyes, the next thing I know his lips are on mine. We kissed!

Of all the things to happen on a Valentines Day!

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