Paris Belongs To US *A lot can happen in 9 months sequel*

It's been 4 years since Zoe and Darcy moved to Paris. Zoe hasn't gotten over Harry. He claims he has gotten over her. When they bump into each other? Will their feelings come back? Or will life get in the way once again?


5. Park fun


Zoe's POV:

I opened the door to see Harry standing there, as sexy as all ways! I wonder if he still has feelings for me? Probably not seeing as he's had about 100 girlfriends since we broke up.

"Come on in." I opened the door wider so he knew it was ok to come inside.

Nice flat! Kinda olden day looking. I like it.

"Thanks, I'm quite fond of it myself."

I heard Darcy's little feet coming from the hallway. She ran right into Harry's arms.

Daddy, daddy. Were going to the park today!!

I know munchkin! I'm excited!

Me too daddy, me too!

"Ok Darcy go grab your shoes ok?

Harry put Darcy back down so she could get her shoes.

Ok mummy! 

She ran over to the shoe rack to grab her shoes.

"Did you have breakfast?" I asked Harry. When we were together I always like cooking for him.

Yeah, I had room service. Thanks for asking.

"No problem, motherly instincts I guess." 

Darcy came running back over to us.

I'm ready mum!

"Alright lets go." I opened the door and Harry and Darcy walked out. I locked it behind us and we set on our journey.

I always walk with Darcy's hand in mine, mid way through our way to the park she grabbed Harry's hand as-well.

We looked like a family walking down the street.

I looked over at Harry, who had a smile on his face. Maybe he did still have feelings for me, or maybe he was just happy to see Darcy. I think the second option is the true answer.

We got to the park and Darcy automatically went for the slide. She loves slides.

She pulled Harry over and he pushed her on the swings and did all that stuff with her. I sat on the bench and just watched. I loved seeing them both so happy. I got a text from Danielle.

From Danielle:
Hey babe, bad news. I can't come down this week I have a dancing gig, a last minute switch. I'm sorry. :(

To Danielle:
Hey, it's ok babe! I understand plus I have another visitor. Well he is staying at a hotel but I ran into him yesterday. I'll give you a hint he has curly hair :O

From Danielle:
Oh holy shit! Harry is in Paris? Is his girlfriend there too?

To Danielle:
Yep he sure is, and so is she. We are at the park right now. She's not here though. It was so awkward when we bumped into them.

From Danielle:
Oh god I bet, I gotta go babe! Talk to you later. Sorry about this week, soon I promise. Love you!

To Danielle:
Ok, have fun at this gig. It's ok, I'm looking forward to it. Love you too! 

Harry came by and sat beside me. We talked about our lives. He told me that Ashley broke up. 

Once Darcy was done playing, Harry walked us home.

Today, was awesome. See you later.

Darcy and I walked inside. Harry was right, today was awesome.

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