Paris Belongs To US *A lot can happen in 9 months sequel*

It's been 4 years since Zoe and Darcy moved to Paris. Zoe hasn't gotten over Harry. He claims he has gotten over her. When they bump into each other? Will their feelings come back? Or will life get in the way once again?


45. New York


Harry and I left the flat at 5:30am. We hadn't slept the night before. If you know what I mean ;). We have to drive to the airport and then take a flight to New York. That's where to tour starts.

It's kind of a last minute tour but it's already sold out. It cool how dedicated the fans are. They hear about a sale and then they buy numerous amounts of tickets.

We got to the airport, no paparazzi were there surprisingly. We got inside and found the others. All of them were here. Danielle looks as stylish as always. Eleanor does too. Perrie is dressed in her regular crazy outfit. Then there's Rebecca, she's dressed in comfy baggy clothes. Just like me.

We boarded our plane and headed to New York.

We got there and we were greeted by fans, lots and lots of fans. They were screaming all of our names. I could barely hear what any of them were saying. It all was just a loud mess.

We got into the car and drove off. Fans ran behind the car but were lost in seconds. We got to our hotel. The Hilton to be exact. These hotels are insane. You feel like the queen when you stay there.

We have a big suite. It has 5 bedrooms in it. 1 for every couple. We got to our floor and walked into our suite. This room is bigger than our flat. Honestly it's huge!

The boys show starts at 7pm. We decided to stay in for supper and then head out to the venue at 5:30pm. We stayed in the room and ordered some room service.

Tonight will be awesome. I've never been here before. The girls and I are going shopping tomorrow. This tour is gonna rock.

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