Paris Belongs To US *A lot can happen in 9 months sequel*

It's been 4 years since Zoe and Darcy moved to Paris. Zoe hasn't gotten over Harry. He claims he has gotten over her. When they bump into each other? Will their feelings come back? Or will life get in the way once again?


47. Moments


During the answer your questions part of the show, a lot of fans tweeted about Darcy.

-Sorry to year about your little girl Harry.-

That was in pretty much every tweet. I could tell it was getting to Harry. He stood there, said thank you and kept talking. He had tears in his eyes.

It was the middle of the show when the boys sang "Moments." Harry has been dreading that song. He can't sing it anymore without crying. But it's a fan favorite.

I could tell all of the boys were not looking forward to it. After the first chorus, I saw Harry walk off the stage followed by Niall. I got out of my seat. The other boys kept on singing.

I walked backstage and walked over to Harry and Niall. They were hugging each other. It brakes my heart to see them this way. Paul walked over to them.

Take the time you need alright?

The boys nodded.

"Guys? Are you alright?"

I was crying as well. The last time I heard that song was the day Darcy passed away. I could still picture it in my mind.

I'll be alright. I just can't sing that song.

Me either. 

"I know boys. I know."

They walked over to me and hugged me. We stood there for a bit until we had all calmed down.

Ready to go mate?

Yeah, I'm good now.

They walked back onstage. I made my way back to my seat. 

I'm very sorry for that guys. We just needed a little break. 

The fans just screamed. That means that they understood why. I looked all around the venue. So many fans had signs. I read one. -R.I.P Darcy Beth Styles. One Directions little angel.-

That one was my favorite. The show finished and the boys said their goodbyes to the fans. The girls and I made our way backstage. 

We walked over to the boys and gave them a hug.

That was the hardest show we've done.

That's for sure.

You boys alright?

Harry and Niall just nodded. Everyone knew that tonight the two boys wouldn't be celebrating.

We headed to the hotel and went to our room. Harry and I headed to our bedroom. Niall and Rebecca did the same.

We got to our bedroom and shut the door. Harry laid down on the bEd and just stared at the ceiling.

"Babe, are you ok?"

Yeah babe, I'll be ok. Just don't want to party tonight. You can if you want.

I laid down beside Harry and snuggled in close to him. I put my head on his chest.

"I don't want to either."

We laid there for a bit until Danielle and the rest of the group came in the room.

You guys gonna stay in tonight?

"Yeah, you guys have fun though ok?"

Alright, see you when we get home. Niall and Rebecca are staying too. 

"Ok thanks. See you later."

They closed the door. I could hear the door close. After awhile Niall came into the room.

Do you guys wanna watch a movie?

I looked at Harry and he smiled in agreement. We got up off of the bed. 

"You guys choose the movie, I'm gonna get my pajamas on."

They nodded and Harry closed the door behind him. I put on one of Harry's shirts and a pair of pajama shorts.

I walked out of the room. They decided they wanted to watch "The Exorcist." Its one of the scariest movies of all time.

I love scary movies but they also scare the crap out of me. I snuggled in close to Harry and he wrapped us in a blanket.

Rebecca sat with Niall and he did the same. 

We watched the whole movie. We screamed a few times. Ok we screamed pretty much through the whole thing. It's scary.

We all fell asleep in the living room.

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