Paris Belongs To US *A lot can happen in 9 months sequel*

It's been 4 years since Zoe and Darcy moved to Paris. Zoe hasn't gotten over Harry. He claims he has gotten over her. When they bump into each other? Will their feelings come back? Or will life get in the way once again?


1. Life Update

I've been living in Paris for 4 years already. I work for a music label now. Ever since I met the boys I've had a new love for music. I guess they just brought it out in me.

I talk to the boys a lot. Well not Harry, but that's beside the point. They have come to visit Darcy and I. Danielle comes often and she brings Perrie and Eleanor along.

I miss all of them but I love Paris, the people here are so kind.

If you are wondering no I don't have a boyfriend. I've had a few "flings" but nothing serious. Since Harry and I broke up I've just been dedicated to raising Darcy.

She is 5 now and has the cutest french accent. She always wonders why we don't sound alike and I always tell her it's because we grew up in different places.

She talks to Harry all of the time. He bought her a cell phone so he can call her and text her all of the time. It's weird seeing a child text but I guess that's what the world is headed too.

She talks to all of the boys too. I think out of all of them Niall misses her the most. He texts her everyday and always calls her before she goes to bed.

I miss them all so much. I've made a friend here though. Her name is Nicky. She is so crazy. She has purple hair and a nose ring.

We have the same style. She lives a few blocks away from me and we hang out almost everyday.

I got a call for Danielle today. She told me that she was going to come to Paris and visit again, even though she was just here a week ago. I miss her so I don't care when she comes as long as she does.

We talk about Harry and all that stuff. He has a new girlfriend and they are going strong. I'm happy for him I really am. But it sucks to see him with someone else. Especially when it's in the news everyday or I go to work and they talk about him.

I still love Harry, I'm not going to lie. Every time I see his face all I want to do is go to London and kiss him one last time. He is still as gorgeous as he was. Maybe even more.

Darcy always asks why she can't see him, she can but he is so busy that he never has enough time to spend with her. That's why they text and Skype a lot.

Harry and I haven't talked. Not once since I left. I regret leaving, I really do. But I love Paris.

After all, it's the city of Love!

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