Paris Belongs To US *A lot can happen in 9 months sequel*

It's been 4 years since Zoe and Darcy moved to Paris. Zoe hasn't gotten over Harry. He claims he has gotten over her. When they bump into each other? Will their feelings come back? Or will life get in the way once again?


39. He gave me our little girl


Harry's POV:

It's been a week since Darcy passed away, and 4 days since Zoe moved back to London. She lives with me.

I woke up to the sound of crying. I knew Zoe didn't sleep at all, all she did was cry last night. I held in my tears but I didn't sleep till this morning.

I got up and walked into my bathroom, there she was. On the floor with a box of tissues. Half of which were on the floor in a big pile. She just looked up at me. Her eyes puffy and her face red. She has been crying for days.

I stood beside her and grabbed her arms to help her up.

I can't do this Harry, I can't let my baby go.

"You aren't letting her go. Your setting her free. She will always be with you. No matter where you go."

She walked out of the bathroom and into her walk in closet. I knew what I was going to wear, a black suit. But I knew Zoe would put a lot of thought into her dress. 

I walked into the kitchen to make us breakfast. A while later Zoe joined me and we ate in silence. I like silence sometimes. We ate and got ready for the day. Well nothing can prepare you to bury your own child, so I guess we got dressed for the day.

Zoe's POV:

I chose a simple black dress, heels and of course my D necklace. I haven't taken it off yet. Harry wore a black suit and we left.

The whole ride to the funeral home, I could feel my nerves. I had to stand up in front of a big group of my friends, my mother, father, sister and 2 brothers will be there and tell them about my daughter.

The car pulled up to a building surrounded by cars. No fans or paparazzi outside. I think they realized it would be rude of them to be there. Fans and even famous people have been sending their love to us through twitter and social websites. They have all been sweet.

We walked into the room, it was packed. The ushers seated us and the other people. The funeral was starting. 

There was a minister, Harry's old minister up at the front talking. He knew nothing of me or Darcy but Harry must have told him a lot because it sounded like he knew us our whole lives. My mind drifted away. The sound of my name being called snapped me back.

I walked up onto the podium. I looked out over the room, atleast 300 people were there that I recognized and more that I didn't. They must be Harry's friends. I began to speak.

"First I would like to say thank you all for coming. It means a lot to me that so many people are here to say goodbye to my little girl.

Darcy's would have loved to see all of you, before she passed. She loved meeting new people, especially people who her dad knew. She loved hearing new stories about him. She loves him very much.

Darcy's last days were happy ones. Sure she was scared but she spent the days with a smile on her face, she loved meeting the nurses and doctors who took care of her and she loved meeting the other patients.

Her last day was the best for her I think, she wasn't scared. She was surrounded by all of her godfathers and her godmother. The boys all sang her a song and that's when she passed. 

To think that my daughter was surrounded by such love is amazing to me. These boys are the reason my daughter was so happy. Everyday she would show me the conversations she had with them that day. I know that Niall and Darcy had a special bond.

They both have different accents. Darcy's was french and Niall's is Irish. She loved that. Out of all of us, their accents were the different. 

Niall, I want you to know that Darcy loved you, I believe she still does. I know that you love her too and I want you to know how much I appreciate how you have taken care of her and how great you treated her. You were her bestfriend.

All of you boys were awesome with her, that's why I couldn't just pick one of you to be her godfather. As a matter of fact you guys were like her 2nd group of parents. You treated her like a daughter.

Danielle, I want to thank you for bringing me into this group. I felt like an outsider at first but you quickly changed that. Thank you for loving my daughter with all of your heart and treating her like a daughter. 

Lastly, I would like to thank Harry. Without Harry, I wouldn't have had our little girl. She had so much of Harry's personality in her it's insane. They were twins. They liked the same things and loved to sing and dance.

They are both horrible at dancing but that doesn't matter. He gave me our girl and I owe him everything for that.

Thank you again for coming, I really appreciate the hospitality you have given me and my daughter over the years. Thank you."

I left the stage and then started to cry. After my speech ended that was supposed to be it but the minister called up Niall. He wanted to say something.

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