The Tale of Grace Hope

I'm a geek. Yes, I enjoy learning. That makes me unpopular and a loner. I don't really mind them teasing me. I want a positive future, although I wish for one friend. Just one.


2. Chapter 2

"Why are you helping Loner?" Asked Immy, Alice's best friend. I should have guess that she would turn up. Alice turned around.

"Don't call Grace that" she replied, hands on hips. Immy gave me a fake smile, to impress Alice. She didn't really like me. Immy is what you would call one of Alice's 'friends'. More like fans. Alice's dad is super rich, and he even hired One Direction to sing to her at her Christmas party. That is why Immy and several other girls are her 'friends'.

"Sorry, Grace" said Immy, like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. I stood up and adjusted my glasses on my face. I picked up my rucksack and brushed some of the dirt off it. 

"Gotta go, Gracey" Alice suddenly said, looking at her watch. She gestured Immy to come. As Immy brushed past me she said:

"I don't really like you, Loner" as she knocked my rucksack back into the dirt with her fist. I then had to pick it up and brush even more dirt off it. I would like a new one, maybe not even a rucksack, but mum would just dismiss me and say that my rucksack was fine. I looked at my digital watch and saw the time: 10: 37. My maths lesson was starting in three minutes! I dashed to my locker, ignoring Kyle and his mates chewing gum in the corner. As I collected books from my locker, I felt them pelting me with screwed up paper. So childish, I thought. I raced upstairs, to the maths room. Mrs Tornado was handing out exercise books as I sprinted in. 

"Perfect timing, Grace" she said as she smiled at me. She would have told me off otherwise, but I was her favourite pupil, as I was good at her subject. I sat down at my desk, and got the books out of my rucksack. 

"Just in time, eh Grace?" Asked Immy as she passed, patting me on the back. There were stifled giggles from the rest of the class. Unfortunately, Alice wasn't in my class for maths. As Kyle walked behind me, he kicked me, hard. One of Kyle's mates burst into laughter, causing the others to laugh as well. Going very red, I got my pencil case out of my bag, just to feel even more kicks from even more kids. They all kicked me on my left leg, and I was sure that I would get a huge bruise. 

"Sit down please, Ben" said Mrs Tornado said, frowning at the boy who had been kicking me. Everyone sat down and there were few giggles through the lesson and at the end, I was the last one out, as usual. I felt something on my back. I tore it off, and it read:


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