My Best Friend, Louis Tomlinson

My Best Friend is Louis Tomlinson.. Yes the one from One Direction. We met since kindergarten...Read the story to find out about our life as best Friend..


2. Preparing for college

Today is the first day of college for me. I woke up at 6am and took a warm shower. My mom has wake up and she is making breakfast.. I decided to wear a normal jeans and a blue coloured shirt with long sleeves. I put on light make-up.. Blue coloured eyeshadow, Mascara and light pink lipstick.. I've already packed my bgs yesterday.. I am going to stay in college till it is time for holiday in March. My best friend is going to pick me up at 6.30am. Oh did I say who is my Best Friend?? He is Louis Tomlinson. Yes the one from One direction.

" Marsya come down now. Breakfast is ready!" my mom shouted..

"Coming" I shouted as I walk downstairs.


I ate breakfast and wait for Louis to come



I am from Singapore and I use British english...And yes our first term break is on March and it is for one week... LOok out for the  next chapter... Update Tomorrow maybe? I am busy with school now..

Lots of love,

Marsya Putri Naima..





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