My Best Friend, Louis Tomlinson

My Best Friend is Louis Tomlinson.. Yes the one from One Direction. We met since kindergarten...Read the story to find out about our life as best Friend..


4. First Day In College

            Louis and I went to our first class. The class i hate, Mathematics. Again people are watching us. Some girls look like they are furious especially my bully, Alina. How i hate her. Some girls tried to keep calm but ask for autographs. Luckily nobody fangirled. Me and Louis sat together. Again, Alina tried to take him away. First class starts and I think it is such a long day till lunchtime. So i just ate my food go to the bathroom, and rest. I fished out my phone and saw that Niall texted me.
 Nialler: Hey, how is college?

   Me: Good.

 Nialler: Ok then Bye.


  Louis came in and i shut my phone off. He walks in like a weirdo. He then whispered, " Sya, do you want to be my girlfriend?" " What did you just said Lulu?" "will you like to be my girlfriend?" "Yes!"


             Author's note


Dear girls or boys,

I am sorry i did not update for a long time. Exam coming....













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