My Best Friend, Louis Tomlinson

My Best Friend is Louis Tomlinson.. Yes the one from One Direction. We met since kindergarten...Read the story to find out about our life as best Friend..


5. Double Date

                 "Sya,Lili(Liam) wants to go on a double date with us tommorrow afternoon," Louis Said. "That's great!" I said. " How about Zayn and Perrie?" i asked. " They have some bussiness to do." "Okay! I will be going out today with Eleanor to the mall" Bye, babe! I have to go for a while!" said Louis.-------Skips to double date---------- I wear a red blouse which is short. I braid my hair. "  Babe! You Ready!" "coming!" I ran down the stairs and slip in my red high heels. I went to The car where louis dresed in suit is waiting for me. We drove away to the restaurant

---------------Skips to after double date-----------------

I was exhausted. In the restaurant, the lights suddenly went out. i acidentally kissed Louis. Louis kissed me back and i felt fireworks. When the lights came back on, we were in a mess. The kiss was our first kiss ever! I sure am happy about it!

Authors note: Im sorry for not updating in a long time. BTW wait for the next capter(authors note). i have a competition. Thanks for reading! Fan Like Favourite Thanks a bunch Marshlings!( im calling you gus that now)

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