My Best Friend, Louis Tomlinson

My Best Friend is Louis Tomlinson.. Yes the one from One Direction. We met since kindergarten...Read the story to find out about our life as best Friend..


3. College


                                 "Honk, honk" A car honk alerted me that Louis is here. I jumped up kissed my mom and took my bags, phone and went straight to the door. I jumpped in the car and Louis sped off.

                "Hello Boobear," I greeted him.

                 " Hello  Carebear," He teased.

                 We found a parking lot in college. I took my bag and went inside.. This college sure look like a palace.. It is enourmous. We went to take our time table and get our homeroom keys.. We  wanted to squel in delight as we get the same room.. We tried to find our homeroom and I noticed alot of people is staring us. I am normal to these situation. We found our room and went to put our things in the wardrobe. We checked our time tables  and jumped around as we got all the same classes.



                              Authors Note:


                    Sorry for the late update . Wish you guys enjoy it. I need  a few co authors.. Please tell me If you want to be..



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