Secret Kisses

Torin is longtime girlfriend of Niall Horan of One Direction she and Niall have a very truthful relationship and when tragedy crosses her and the boys she must tell the truth to Niall about what went on will he ever forgive her for what she did find out.


3. What's Up With Niall?

Harry's POV

We arrived at the hospital Torin still balling her eyes out, I really did feel sorry for her she must be so worried we go up to the lady at the desk "umm hello our friend is in here his name is Niall James Horan, and we don't know what room he's in" I say "well could you tell me your names and we'll see if your one of his emergency contacts" says the lady cheerfully. "My name's Torin Williamson and i'm his girlfriend" says Torin straight up "and we're Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson" i say "Okay we have you four written down as his band mates is that right?" she says "yes!" Says Liam, "and you are his girlfriend, go right through! He's on level 2 and room 13" she says and we run to the elevator and run through the long corridor until we find the room thirteen we quietly entered and as soon as Torin saw his eyes open she ran up to him and leaned down next to him. "Oh Niall what happened" She says cradling his head in her arms. "No idea, one minuet i was driving and the next thing i knew it was all black and I woke up in hospital" he says "owwwww!" Niall moans "What's wrong sweetie?" Torin says examining him. "Mate your looking pretty bad i think we should get a nurse in here" Zayn says looking at Niall worriedly, Niall just nods clutching his side "Nurse!" Torin shouts. A nurse rushes in "what can i do for you?" she says to Torin, she just shrugs and starts opening and closing her mouth like a fish out of water.   

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