Secret Kisses

Torin is longtime girlfriend of Niall Horan of One Direction she and Niall have a very truthful relationship and when tragedy crosses her and the boys she must tell the truth to Niall about what went on will he ever forgive her for what she did find out.


4. The Wait

Torin's POV

The nurse comes in "what can i do for you?" she says. I just start gaping and shrugging "I-I" I stutter "I'll check him out" is the nurses reply to that "Now were does it hurt?" I say "my ribs" Niall says "Ok umm what type of pain?" the nurse says in a very calm voice "sharp" says Niall "Ok i'll go get you some pills but i will have to get a doctor in here to see what is going on, so i'm afraid you will have to leave" she says turning to us "sure" Louis says. We go out "so what are we supposed to do now" I moan. Harry puts his arm around me we sit down in the chairs in the lobby sort thing. "What's gonna happen to Niall now?" i mutter "relax he'll be ok" Liam says trying to calm me but it doesn't work i'm still really worried i sigh "Liam he was on one of those beepy things" i say "yes well that was, umm just for precautions" Liam says "yeah" Zayn adds. I just look down and frown yeah there probably just for precautions, I hope. 

"We've been waiting for hours" i moan

"I know but were the only ones awake so you can go to sleep and i will stay up" Liam says

"nah i can't sleep Niall's been in there for ages and i'm getting worried" I say resting my head on his shoulder and he puts his masculine arm around me

"we're all worried" he says and I kiss him on the cheek and fall asleep. I wake up hours later and all the boys are asleep Harry wakes up too "hey wanna go get some food in the cafeteria?" Harry whispered  "i'm not hungry but i'll come any way" i whisper back. We walk down the narrow corridors and find an elevator we go down to level 1 and walk into the cafeteria hand in hand. Harry gets tacos and i just sit at the table across from him smiling, I think about what could happen to Niall i'm just psyching myself nothing bad could happen to Niall right.  

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