Secret Kisses

Torin is longtime girlfriend of Niall Horan of One Direction she and Niall have a very truthful relationship and when tragedy crosses her and the boys she must tell the truth to Niall about what went on will he ever forgive her for what she did find out.


1. The Recording studio

Torin's POV

Hi my names Torin i'm 19 and i have waist-long black hair, sun kissed skin and the best job ever i'm a girl rapper but most of all long time girlfriend of Niall Horan of One Direction i love him more than anything in the world.

I woke up by Niall closing the door of the bathroom while he came out i sit up and smile at my boyfriend. "Where are you going so early?"i ask yawning "sorry did i wake you?" he says "that's fine" i say "well i'm going to the recording studio to talk to Paul about something to do with the Take Me Home tour" he says "Okay sure i'm getting up too" i say he nods i get dressed and he waits for me. We go down the steps together i kiss Niall at the door "bye" he says hoping in the car "bye" i wave and off he goes.

I go sit down on the couch with two fully clothed Louis and Zayn their eyes are glued to the telly "Hey guys do ya want some breakfast?" i say once Harry and Liam come down the stairs "yeah sure" they all mutter i start singing 'i love it' by the hilltop hoods and walk into the kitchen.

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