Secret Kisses

Torin is longtime girlfriend of Niall Horan of One Direction she and Niall have a very truthful relationship and when tragedy crosses her and the boys she must tell the truth to Niall about what went on will he ever forgive her for what she did find out.


6. Mistake

Liam's POV

We got home after having a lazy packet of crisps for dinner and a short car drive full of talking from every direction except Torin's i guess she was just kinda upset about Niall. "Hey guys i'm gonna watch Love Actually so come down if you want to watch it!" Harry shouts through the whole house. We all came out of our rooms except Torin we went over to her door to knock but we heard her sobbing and decided to leave her alone. "What's up with Torin?" Zayn says "She's sobbing" i whispered "What why?" Louis asks "Probably Niall" I say. When Love Actually finished we all went to bed i put my ear up to her door one last time and I heard her sniffling I decide to knock she unlocks her door she looks terrible but she manages a smile "good night" i say she hugs me I smile over her shoulder "wait come in" Torin says hopefully "sure" I reply "Liam, what is gonna happen to Niall" Torin asks "I know that you think that i'm wrong and just trying to calm you but i know for sure that he will be alright" i say "well your probably right" Torin sighs. 
"Torin i need to tell you something, I really like you as in love" I say "Me too but my- wait what!" she says "you love me uh NO"she says not believing what I had just said "Uh yeah" i say "what?" she says truly confused "I really like you" i say "But Niall and i really like you too but-" she says before i cut her off "I know Niall is in hospital and you don't like me that way" I say smiling leaving the room "oh I was going to say something very different" she says smiling "umm I think I should go now" I say backing up against the wall, Torin is walking up to me making me push my body as hard as I could into the wall she kept coming towards me "you know your going to regret this" I say, she nods "and you will probably tell Niall" I say  "yes but I need someone while he's gone" she says.

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