Secret Kisses

Torin is longtime girlfriend of Niall Horan of One Direction she and Niall have a very truthful relationship and when tragedy crosses her and the boys she must tell the truth to Niall about what went on will he ever forgive her for what she did find out.


10. Back to Brighton

Torin's POV I have nowhere to go all my friends that came from one direction will hate me so that leaves my Brighton friends Jordan and Harley (Rizzle Kicks) I get out my phone and call Harley "Hi Torin how are you?" Harley says cheerfully "umm... I need a place to stay and I was wondering if you know I could maybe stay with you and Jordan?" "Sure thing but what about Niall?" "Uh yeah I may have cheated on him" "what have you done?" He asks I just sigh "so can I stay at your place for a bit?" I ask again "for as long as you like" "thanks man I'll be there at about 10:00 pm so see ya then" "i'll pick you up from the train station ok" "bye" I hang up and walk to the train station and buy a one way ticket to Brighton. While i'm on the train I think about the old days with Jordan we once hooked up at a party but that was ages ago and we've put that behind us and I know that I won't do that again, I think. I bit my lip as we stop I get off the train to the station and see Jordan and Harley's faces light up. I put my fist out to bro fist but they look at each other then at me puzzled "YOU DON'T REMEMBER THE HANDSHAKE!?" I yell just to them so it wasn't that loud "nah were just messing with ya" they say returning my bro fist then making it explode. "I haven't seen you in ages, Torin what have you been up to?" Jordan asks "Not much" I say "really? You became famous by your boyfriend and you lived with the biggest boy band in the world. So that's not much?" Harley says "petty much" I shrug.

Jordan's POV

I was so happy to hear that Torin was coming maybe this time I'll have the guts to tell her that I liked her like i'm in love with her but her and Niall started dating at the brit awards last year and it's the brit awards really soon like in two weeks so hopefully I tell her by then so they don't hook up again. We get in the car Torin and Harley talking about what they've been up to and me well i'm still hypnotised thinking of her. We arrive home and I show Torin her room and help her unpack her one bag that looked like it was used as a gym bag when we first became friends we were little but when we got to about sixteen she started becoming poor but my family helped hers so they stayed in town. "So what do you feel like doing?" Harley asks Torin yawns "you look tiered you should probably go to sleep" I say she nod's while yawning and heads off to her room. I move next to Harley "hey umm you know how I still need to tell Torin that I love her?" "yeah" "I think I'm gonna do it tonight like while she and Niall are broken up like if she loves him then I won't ask her out but I really hope she says yes" I say 

Torin's POV I went into my room which is right outside the living room so I can hear everything they're saying and Jordan loves me! Can he like read my feelings or some shit? I have had a crush on him since we were sixteen and his family helped mine when we were going through uh, tough times. Then two weeks from now he and Harley took me to the brit award and thats were I met Niall and I can't believe that I forgot my best friends in the whole wide world. But I did. With thoughts that I didn't like I put on my I pod and fell asleep with my headphones in.

I woke up about two or three hours later by voices in the living room I decide to get up but then I remember that I just slept in my clothes so I changed into a pair of high waisted shorts and a baggy t shirt tucked into my shorts then I put my black knee high converse it was really comfortable not like the clothes that I wore when I was with Niall now I think leaving him was the best decision of my life were as leaving Harley and Jordan was the worst. I walk out of my room and I see Ed Sheeran (eek fangirling!) and the boys playing that FIFA game "not this game" "what's so bad about it?" Ed asks you see we know each other trough One Direction and Rizzle Kicks "it's for noobs! Well actually that makes perfect sense cos that's what you lot are" I say "oh no you didn't!" Harley imitating a drag queen I just laugh "I bet I could beat you all" I say "sure!" Ed says "now we don't wanna get into that business" Jordan says "why?" Ed questions "trust me we'll loose" Harley says looking at a nodding Jordan. "I still want to try" Ed says ambitiously. First I beat Ed "don't get all cross and chuck all the controllers at the TV" I tease he glares at me I smile "and I was like, CHICKEN NUGGETS" I say making him try not to laugh but he failed "sorry just tryin' to break the awkwardness... Of me being so damn beast!" they all sigh and roll their eyes "jkz!" Then after I had beat Harley and Jordan Ed suggests that we play a game of real football (soccer) "sure I think you'll find that i'll pone you" "try me" Jordan says. And surely enough I beat them, we go back inside getting hungry I complain "I'm hungry!" "lets go out we have nothing but booze here" Jordan says. We get out of the house, it was cold but I was going fine in shorts and a tee. "Let's go Nandos" Harley says "yeah" I say. When we arrived we sat in the window seat cos I like to look out to the street. I am really hungry so I get a large bowl of chips "got enough there?" Jordan asks jokily "what I haven't eaten in like days!" I say "still used to Niall's eating habits?" Ed says "yeah I guess, wait how did you know?" I asked Ed "it's all over Niall Facebook and twitter 

Ed says factually looking at the others nodding "god! He's just trying to make people feel sorry for him who would! I'm glad I left him!" I yell once again quietly so just they can hear me "well good for you, you've left your ex" Ed says patting my back. There's a paporatzo outside taking a picture of us Harle waves then we all notice it and wave he waves back were best friends now. When we get back home we all sit on the couch I get up and walk to the fridge "anyone want a beer?" I ask "yeah sure" Ed says "over here!" Jordan says "not me" Harley replies I walk in and hand Ed and Jordan their beers. "Wanna party?" Harley asks "oh do they still have that sick bar in town?" I ask "I'm pretty sure" Jordan says "then sure" I say
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