The 14th

Harry Styles And Lola Taylor valintimes day


1. Im Sorry Love I just love U

Me And Harry been going out since 3years and me and harry Is Fighting Since Yesterday And the reason that we where fighting Cause I told him
Straight Out No more tattoos And he ignores me He ran out side and its been 4hours since
Today is valentimes Day And I'm starting to think its not gonna be a great one now I'm in the kitchen washing the dishes Then Harry walks in whit another tattoo but i could not see cause it was coverd in a bandage so I went up to him.........Harry:Hey Lola look at my new Tattoo..............
Me:Harry I don't care you promise me you wouldn't get any more tattoos and right after you go and get another one.........Harry:But.......he was about to say something but I cut him off.......Me:No Harry No ifs and No Buts you promise and you've lost my trust I ran up stairs to the bedroom Harry ran after me But I closed the door in his face And I ran in my bed hiding my face and tearing up a little Harry Have knock On the door begging me to open.....Harry:Please Lola Im Sorry Please Open Please I Love You Please Open Up For Me Please.....he winded And winded And I could here him crying thought the other side of the door...Now i stop tearing up now im laying on the bed Thinking how much Harry means to me and how much I love him so much but I dident approve of how much he's getting simply meaningless tattoos.......I could here harry still crying And still begging for me to open so I gave in I couldn't ignored him something in his voice made me open so I got off the bed and went to unlock and open the door.....I seen the tattoo it was today's date 2/14/ Harry this is what I mean I don't want you to get these stupid meaningless tattoos what is happening today? Are you going to get a date for everyday you live? You need to.....I was about to say more but Harry stopped me he got down on his one knee and he reached in side of his pocket and brought out a diamond ring.......Harry:This Is what is happening today....He smiled
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