Nialls little princess

Kaitlyn is 11 years old, and her mother died when she was about 7, her father has been beating her since then, one day, when he father made her go to the store and get him a beer, she had to steal it because she didnt have any moneh, but someone saw, and chased her, and is it really? No, its cant be, but it is, NIALL HORAN FROM ONEDIRECTION!



Kaitlyn's POV:
I woke up slowly, i didn't know where i was, there were 5 boys surrounding me, and one with curly brown hair, with beautiful green eyes screamed " NIALL SHE IS AWAKE" i was scared, i didn't know where i was, i started to cry a little, this guy apparently called "Niall" came over to me,"shhhh, its okay, we wont hurt you love, i promise!" I calmed down alittle, but i felt nervouse, they were all staring at me like i had 10 heads! "WHAT? Why are you all staring about me, and where am i? I NEED TO GO BACK HOME FORMY DAD, OR HE WILL HURT ME" i shot up. Niall came up to me , told me that he will never hurt me again, and i will never see him again! I was so relieved! Suddenly, the nurse came in, and started asking questions; "how did this happend?" I knew i couldnt lie to her, so i told her. "My father, he beats me, but i deserved it! I did something wrong, he only hit me, when i did something wrong" i relised, im really bad, my father probably hit me everyday! But when i said that, all of the 5 boys including niall, mouths were dropped down on the ground! "No, no, no, no one deserves to get hurt like he did to you!" The nurse said! I started to cry again, bc my ribs hurt really bad! But the nurse game me some medicine to calm me down, after that, all the boys left besides niall.
I looked at her, her beautiful, innocent face, was all bloody, and bruised! She looked back at me " why didnt you leave" she said. " because i dont want to see you hurt, and the nurses looked at your files and it looks like you have no family un the whole world, your all alone, an i care about you" i said. She just smiled, "whats your name love?" I ask her "its kaitlyn, and you?" "Niall" id thoght she would had known my name, since i was in a band called "one direction". "Where am i going to live" kaitlyn asked quietly. " well they are going to put you in a foster home because your only 11 and your not old enough to make the right decisons" she stared to cry " shhh shh baby dont cry" i told her " niall?" "Yes love?" " well, i know i really dont know you, but do you think i could stay with you, i trust you, and i know ypu wont hurt me, and everytime i see a bee person, i thinks its gonna be my daddy, and gonna hurt me" she ask me while crying, "well, thats okay with me, but i will have to ask the nurses" she jumped up and gave me the biggest hug and i sqeezed her tight!
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