Nialls little princess

Kaitlyn is 11 years old, and her mother died when she was about 7, her father has been beating her since then, one day, when he father made her go to the store and get him a beer, she had to steal it because she didnt have any moneh, but someone saw, and chased her, and is it really? No, its cant be, but it is, NIALL HORAN FROM ONEDIRECTION!


2. Ran, to get help

Nialls POV:
I ran back to the boys, i was out of breath! I screamed "get back in the tour bus, and follow me." They looked all worried, when we got to that girls house, i screamed "STOP!" I ran out of the bus, and went on my knees to see if she was okay, i told harry to all the 911, so he did, i looked at the beautiful young innocent little girl. I thought to myself, how could someone hurt this little precious little princess? I held her in my arms, while she cried, and fell asleep in my arms. The police came, and took me and the girl+ the boys to the hospital.
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