Nialls little princess

Kaitlyn is 11 years old, and her mother died when she was about 7, her father has been beating her since then, one day, when he father made her go to the store and get him a beer, she had to steal it because she didnt have any moneh, but someone saw, and chased her, and is it really? No, its cant be, but it is, NIALL HORAN FROM ONEDIRECTION!




          since she told me it was her birthday, i decided to make her a beautiful breakfast; pancakes,eggs, everything, you can think of! she ate like she had never seen food before, well that explains why she is so skinny. "niall?" she asked quietly " yes babe?" i said while shoving food in my mouth "well i have never really  did anything for my birthday before, because my dad said that they were just a waste of time" she said with tears forming in her eyes "its okay sweetie" i said wrapping my arms around her. "and i have no friends, so what am i going to do?" " i will be taking you to school, but don't let any snobby directioners get to you, some will treat you like your going out with harry" i said while laughing, she laughed along, just for a little, and she nodded her head "some will use you, and take advantage of you, so just remember who are your real friends and who aren't" i said while smiling " okay i will remember, haha" she said laughing "cmon, its your birthday lets get the boys and celebrate, where do you wanna go?" i ask her. "idk somewhere fun, like a carnival!" she said excitly " sounds good! ill go call the boys to come to our flat in 2 hours, so you can get ready."


              wow, did he just say OUR FLAT! i couldn't believe that niall horan, she most famous boy in AMERICA said OUR FLAT! but i didn't want to fan girl, so i just nodded my head and said" I'm gonna go take a shower and get ready for my birthday" i just smiled and walked away to get in the shower. When i got out of the shower, i screamed "NIALL, IM OUT OF THE SHOWER" he didn't answer, i got really scared and thought to myself, 'maybe my dad found him, and took him away, and coming to get me' i ran out of my room, and i found him talking to four other boys, they are all fro the hospital that night! i ran into nialls arms not caring i was wet, and half naked. " i thought my dad found you and took you" i cried "shhh shhh no baby he will never find you or me, he his gone forever" my hair was super long, and while he stroked my hair, he said to go and get ready!

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