Nialls little princess

Kaitlyn is 11 years old, and her mother died when she was about 7, her father has been beating her since then, one day, when he father made her go to the store and get him a beer, she had to steal it because she didnt have any moneh, but someone saw, and chased her, and is it really? No, its cant be, but it is, NIALL HORAN FROM ONEDIRECTION!


1. Thief

"Kaitlyn, go get me a beer now" i heard my father scream, i ran out the door, down to the store, i relised i didnt have any money, and i couldnt go back with nothing, so i guess i had to steal the beer. Right when these 5 boys came in, i but the 2 beers in my sweat shirt, just then, the guy with bright blue eyes, with blonde hair just game me a dirty look, i guess he thought it was for me, but i was only 11 and if i didnt have have the beers, i would be punished!! So when that guy game me a dirty look, i just mouthed "im sorry!" I ran out pf the store going back to my house, and suddenly, he stared to follow me! I kept running and running, but i was too slow, he caught up to me, right when i was infront of my house, i feel, and the beers cracked and spilled everywhere, the gut who was even chasing me, fell, right next to me, while i cried! My father came out "kaitlyn! Where are my beers?" "I fell and they cracked" i cried. He picked me up by my hair, and threw me inside, while the guy on the ground just looked at me in shocked, and teary eyed! My dad slapped me so hard, i was bleeding! Then he kicked my ribs, like i was a soccer ball, then he made me burn myself, after he sat down, i thought he was done, but he wasnt he picked me up, and threw me on the streets! While i was layong on the streets, i looked up, and that guy wasnt there.
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