Believe in Love

Jessica, an 18 year old, was and still is bullied all her life. She thought she would never believe in love again but she thought wrong when she meets a curly haired boy. Will he change that?


1. Last Day at School/Meeting Him

Jessica's P.O.V

*Beep Beep* goes my stupid alarm. I grab my alarm and threw it out the window. I have been hearing that same beep every single day. Today is the last day at school. That also means the last day i get bullied by these snobby girls: Maya and Amanda. I get out of bed and change into a simple t-shirt and skinny jeans. I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I do my hair in to a simple ponytail. What is the point of getting fancy since I am the one who gets bullied. I put on my mascara and lip gloss. I grab my school bag and head to my car.

(Skip to School)

As I go through the school gates, I already hear hurtful things like, "Look at that slut." or "I hope she is sad that she wont get pushed around anymore." As i heard those words, i ran straight to the bathroom. I accidentlly bumped into someone. " I am so sorry." I said. Then I realized it was Amanda that i bumped into. Great. "You should be, slut." As i forced my tears to not fall, I ran to English. As i sat down, the teacher said," Everyone this is Harry. He will only stay for a whole year.Who will be his guide?" The teacher picked me to be a guide to this cute boy. Wait did i say cute? Stop it Jessica! He doesn't even like me because i am ugly. Harry just gave me a flirt smile and sat down next to me. "Hello love whats your name?" said Harry. "Jessica" I said.

Harry's P.O.V

English was more boring here than at my other school. I tried to par attention to the teacher but i just kept taking glances to her.I think i like her...


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