And I'm Dying just to Know Ya...

*Also one and soon to be on Same author on each* :)

Tyler Scott had lost everything. If you had forgot EVERYTHING and befriended five guys along the way how would you react?!


13. Chapter Twelve


*Tyler's POV*   "My answer is..... uhm can ask you a question first?" I ask.   "Yeah sure," he said the hurt in his face becoming more visable.   "Are you absolutely postive you want to be with me with this huge problem I have?"    "With out hesitation he replied, "yes, Tyler finding you was one of the best things to ever happen to me." I blushed a bit.   "Well Liam I guess I owe you an answer?" I thought about for a minute then made my decision.   "Yes I would love to be your girlfri-" I was cut off by Liam kissing me again. He pulled back smiling.    I feel happier and stonger now. Its like he is my other half.    "Thanks Liam," I whispered.   "and thank you Tyler," He whispered back.   *Liam's POV*   She just had accepted to be my girlfriend. I can't stop smiling.    "Now what am I going to do about they guy who is after me?" she asks softly.   I sigh and think for a moment.    "Well, we do have body guards and I will do my best to protect you," Ifinally said.   She just nodded and took my hand. She walked me out of the bedroom and into her parents. She lets go of my hand and opens the closet door. It reveals a safe.   "What do you think is in it?" I ask.   "Not sure something important is it was in my flashback," she said thinking.   "In the flashback, I opened the safe...after you know... I took some of the files, money, and a photo,"she says deep in thought.   "Do you remember the combonation?" I ask and she turns to look at the safe.   "No.."    "There has to be some clues here around the room," I say looking at the walls.   She suddenly jumps up.   "Liam help me push the bed out of the way."   "Wait what? Why?" I ask confused.   "Just help me!" We walk over to the large bed and pushed  until we found a loose board in the floor. she quickly yanked it up and reached in. She took out a piece of paper. She looked at me with hope then ran back over to the safe.   She entered the combo and the safe opened. I walked towards her. She slowly stood up and hugged me with a few tears slipping out.    The safe was empty.   Then I did some deep thinking.   "hey do you remember your memory when we were at mcdonalds?" I ask.   "yeah why,"she looks at me confused.   "Maybe your last memory was a part of that memory in Mcdonalds."   She looked shocked but then knew exactly what I was talking about.    "Do you still have my purse?"   "I think we might.."   We walk downstairs hand in hand to find the other boys stuffing a trashbag with as many photos as it will fit.   I'm not going to lie they kinda looked like a bunch of idiots when we caught them. I raised an eyebrow, but they shook it off when they saw Tyler and I still holding hands.   "So what have you two been doing?" Louis asks dramatically.   "Dicussing important things with my girlfriend," I say smiling at Tyler. She blushes. Niall nods a ' good job' nod and the rest smile.   "I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN," Louis shouts smiling.   Niall told us that the car was out front so we left with the photos and got in the car. We started driving to the stadium.   "So we have my purse right?" she asks trying not to be rude.    "Yaeah it's right back here with your stuff." Zayn said grabbing the purse.    He handed it to Tyler.   "It's empty though," Zayn said.   Almost in disbelief she looked through the purse.    She opened some little pockets and pulled something out.   "It's a key.." she started, " This key must be where more of my secrets are."   "But what does it belong to?" Niall asks.   "I have no idea," she whisppers.   "But it's an apartment key," I say looking at the key.   "So all we need to find is an apartment..."Harry said optimistically.   "But it's one apartment out of three states," Tyler said being a bit sensible.    Harry joke mocks her, "oooh Mr and Mrs. Payne the reasonable couple."   We both blushed then rolled our eyes.   "But being serious how exactly are we going to find one  appartment?"  I said.
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