And I'm Dying just to Know Ya...

*Also one and soon to be on Same author on each* :)

Tyler Scott had lost everything. If you had forgot EVERYTHING and befriended five guys along the way how would you react?!


4. Chapter Three


*Liams POV*   My gaze on the girl is broken when Zayn starts to talk.   "Well?" He questions us, expecting for an answer. I quickly check to see if she has a pulse. I waited a second and was relieved when i felt it. I also examine her head on my lap and see the largest bump.   "Woah, I think I know how she was on the ground unconscious. She must've gotten hit on the head or something.: I scratch my head while saying this. Zayn jumps out of the car and looks around the alley. He keeps looking around when he finds something and brings it back to the car.   "This is probably what knocked her out." He said while holding the metal bat and her empty purse.    "But how, why? Who would want to hurt someone then steal their money?"Niall asked.   "Hey, what's that in her jacket?" Harry interrupted with a concerned look. He then reaches into her pocket and takes out two items. One was a piece of plastic the other a photo. I couldn't see what the photo was. Louis takes the piece of plastic and looks at it carefully, then yells out loud.
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