And I'm Dying just to Know Ya...

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Tyler Scott had lost everything. If you had forgot EVERYTHING and befriended five guys along the way how would you react?!


14. Chapter Thirteen


Car placeement:   Louis    Harry   Niall Tyler Liam        Zayn   *Tyler's POV*   I am a bit happier now that I know a bit more about my past. I am sad about my parent's death but as strange as it sounds I believe that I was more shocked than sad. This is only because I feel like I've already mourned when it presently happened. So yese I am disappointed that they are gone but I need to move forward.   I also need to find out what the heck is with this key. I know I've been to California, Oregon, and Washington. But of course it's one appertment in alot. What could be easier....note my sarcasm.   "So I am excited to see what you do in concert," I say smiling.   "Well I am excited to see what you think of the concert," Liam smiled back at me.   I have to admit having a 'boyfriend' is......... interesting, but it keeps me happy.   Liam, since he was sitting next to me grabbed my hand. His hand fit in mine like it was meant to be. (A/N: aha reference) He then let go of my hand and put in his other hand so he could wrap his arm around my shoulder. I rested my head on his shoulder as he smiled at me.   "Oh my god , Zayn help! I'm about to barf, the couple it's disgustin!" Niall shouted in the car, who was sitting next to Liam and I.   "Stop it! Stop it! Your hurting little Niall," Zayn said in a thick accent.   "Hey boys and girl," Louis said softly.   "SHUT UP!" Harry interrupted and I got startled out of Liam's arms.    "Harry!" Louis yelled back.   "Sorry Boobear"   "Boobear?" I question. Louis glared at Harry.   "Eyes on the road!" Harry shouted trying to avoid the 'wrath' of Louis. I laughed and looked at Liam who had a devious smiled on his face, which made me wonder of what he was going to do.   "Louis, I actually forgot that your nickname was boobear, mind sharing how you got it?" Liam said.   "HAHA SHUT IT LIAM!" Louis yelled eyes still on the road.   "Oh I actually remember it!" Liam said and winked at me to play along.   "Oh! I want to know Li! You should tell me!" I said trying my best not to laugh.   "LIAM!" Louis yelled.   "Okay here's the story," Liam started.    "Oh I love this story!" Zayn yelled in a think accent again. I was laughing my head off by now.   "TELL IT! TELL IT!" Niall and Harry chanted. Louis' grip tightened over the steering wheel.   "Well when Louis was little his mom...well actually you know who would tell this story better?" Liam asked.   "Who?" I asked.   "Louis' Mum!" Liam yelled as Louis pulled into their stadium parking spot.   "I have her on speed dial!" Harry shouted pulling out his phone.   The laughing  stopped and every one looked at Harry.    "Whaaat?......Who would I call if anything happened to my boobear?" Harry said slowly but dialed anyways.   "Harry," Louis dragged on with his hand on his forehead.    "Hello?" A voice rang into the Harry's phone.    "Vas happenin' Louis' mum!" Zayn yelled.   "Uhmm not that I don't want to talk dears but why are you calling me," The voice of Louis' 'mum' rang through the phone.    "Louis' mum! We want to hear how Louis got the nickname boobear!" Liam shouted next to me.    "Oh my I love that story!" She squeled.   "Muuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm," Louis groaned.   "Oh Boobear! You're here how are you?" She asked.    "Just great mum..." Louis said sarcastically.   "Wonderfull love!" She said then Louis got an idea.   "I'm not the only one who is just great mum...Liam got A GIRLFRIEND!" Louis yelled. Everyone started cheering and I blushing and I looked at Liam who was smiling down on me.   So Louis got away with the Boobear story and I was about to see a One Direction concert. We went through seccurity and it was time to watch the concert.       ~Later~       The last few lyrics of the song 'I want' rang through the stadium.   ~"And I want, I want, I want, And that's crazy!   Oh I want I want to be loved by you"~       The boys bowed and ran off stage.   "I think that was one of the best shows yet boys!" Liam stated happily.    "Hmmm I wonder why?" Zayn said.    "Why don't you tell us Liam," Niall suggested.   "Well because Miss Tyler, MY girlfriend is here, even if she is in a blonde wig," Liam said protectively hugging me.   There was a mix of 'ews' and 'aws' through out the crowd of the four.   "Well I guess it's time for the meet n' greet, Harry can you go find Paul please?" Liam asked.   "Sure thing," Harry said walking away.   "So Paul is going to take you to our dressing rooms but he'll be there to keep you safe and then in an hour we'll go to the hotel," Liam told me. By now Paul had already pretty much knew the situation I was in.   Paul and Harry came back and Liam pulled me into a hug.   "I'll miss you so much Tyler," Liam whispered to me.   "Aw Liam, I'll miss you too but it's not like this is the last time I ever see you," I smiled to him reasuringly.   "See you soon babe," Liam smiled.   "You to Li," I smiled back and then left with paul to the dressing room.           *Liam's POV*       I watched Tyler and Paul quickly walk away. I felt a hand on my shoulder.   "Mate you won't lose her," Niall said.   I sighed,"I hope you're right."   ~   The meet and greet was probably the slowest hour of my life. but it did give me an idea. A great one. I would need some help with security though, just to be safe.
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