And I'm Dying just to Know Ya...

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Tyler Scott had lost everything. If you had forgot EVERYTHING and befriended five guys along the way how would you react?!


11. Chapter Ten

*Tyler's POV* I was awakened by someone shaking me.   I admit I am a bit terrified to open my eyes with that memory drilled into my brain.   It was only Niall...I sighed in relief.   "Hey Niall, what's up...? " I say a little tired.   "Group meeting c'mon," He yells leaving the room.   I climb out of bed and put some skinny jeans and a sweatshirt on then I walked out to see what was the big deal.    I walk into the kitchen to see five boys whispering.   "Morning!" I say as it began to feel awkward for me. There was a response of jumbled mornings and hellos.   "So mind I ask what we are talking about at five in the morning?" I said yawning.    "Well we are on tour .... and a new concert has just popped up.." Harry began.   "And we have to leave to go to your hometown today," Louis finished.   "But we wanted to know if you could come with us because of your situatuion," Liam added.   I smiled and said "sure," but deep inside was a feeling of fear. But what other options did I have? I have no where to go, no one else to remember.   "Here," Niall said tossing me the blonde wig.    "Niall, I find it very strange that you carried this wig around," I say joking.   "It helps us dosn't it?" He replied.   "I guess," I laughed.   "WELL LET'S GO!" Louis shouted    "Uhm Louis, don't we need to pack?" I ask.   "Got that done even your stuff," Zayn answered for him.   "Well ok," I said laughing a bit.   We got into the car and drove to the airport. There we got through security and boarded the plane. I sat by the window and Liam.   Then I realised that it might be my first time on a plane, and I was terrified.   "Liam," I say softly.   "Yes."   "So this may be the first time I have been on a plane and I'm kinda freaking out."   "Don't worry, it's perfectly safe. When the plane takes off you can hold my hand," he then realises what he said then blushes, "Well what I mean is know right?"   "It's okay Liam I got it," I giggle.   When the plane starts taking off I squeeze Liam's hand and soon enough fall asleep on his shoulder.       *Liam's POV*   She had fallen asleep on my shoulder, holding my hand. I have to say she was pretty adorable even with that blonde wig...Speaaking of wigs.. I turn to Niall sitting next to me.   "Niall why exactly do you have that wig?"   he shrugged his shoulders and zoned out to his ipod.   I then began to drift off myself...   ~   I woke up to some laughter and off course that laughter belonged to Harry and Louis.. The mischeivious duo.    Sure enough they were taking pictures of me.... and Tyler... sleeping..   "You guys can keep the photos just don't post them on Twitter," I say.   "Don't worry Liam we know bettter," Harry ensured me.   I rolled my eyes.   Soon we had landed and it was time to wake Tyler up.   *Tyler's POV*   Okay in my defense I was in the middle of a nightmare about my past:   A man he was after me... he was getting closer and closer. untill he was right infront of me.    So with all my force I puched him in the face.....   ~   "AAAAUGHHHH!" A shout woke me up. and that shout was from Liam.    Oh . my . god.   I just punched Liam...   "OH MY GOD LIAM ARE YOU OKAY? That was a total accident i was having a nightmare and I didn't much to punch you! I'm soooo sorry!" I said.   "It's fine, but my nose is broken," he said.   "oh my god I broke your nose!"   "It's fine, now we're matching," He said smiling through the pain.    We got Liam's nose cleaned up and finally walked outside of the airport to our waiting car.   The other boys began to tease Liam and I about how we both had black eyes and broken noses and how they now couldn't tell us apart. Ya Louis' idea  and the others support him...THANKS BOYS! Now he probably can tell that I like Liam. But I don't know what I would do if he likes me back. I mean what if I discover I really am a horrible person.    I began to feel nervous as we drove on by the coast just outside of L.A.    As the street began to grow familiar I had a mini flash back (which just my mind remembering a small crucial detail) that my house was just outsidde of L.A. So basically where we are now.   "Guys?"   "Yeah?" They all replied    "Can we pull over at this gas station up ahead?" I ask.   "Why," Liam asks concerned.    "My house is nearby.." I say.   We decide that it isn't to populated here to be noticed but we still would wear our 'diguises'. We pull into the gas station.   " Here we are, where I called the cab to Oregon," I say. This place gives me the chills. I grab Liam's hand unintetionally.    We then walk a few miles until we reach a small neighborhood that is clearly abandoned.   I begin to walk towards the tan house with the boys right on my heels.    "This is it..." I said slowly.   "It's a nice home, you know besides the nailed board on the door," Harry says to lighten the mood. We go around to the back door and pry it open.    We walk inside to a dusty kitchen as Liam gave my hand a squeeze..I remember this.   "my first memory I remembered was here," I said softly almost smiling.   "The one about pancakes?" Niall asked.   "Ya.." I replied.    ""I wonder if my parents just abondoned this place or something.." I say.    We walk into a small living room with photos every where.   "Hey look I found you last name it's Scott!" Zayn yelled.   "Awww Tyler look at you! you were so small," Louis says looking at photos. This is becoming a little much for me right now. I began to cry and shake.   Liam pulls me in for a hug.    "It's just too much for me right now," I cry into his shirt a he kisses the top of my head.    He takes me upstairs where we find open floors and two seprate bedroom doors. One Has 'Tyler' written on it all girly and glitery the other says 'Mom and Dad' but the room in front of the doors makes me sob harder. I look at the floor and it's horrible. Liam see's it too, but becomes confused.   There  was giant blood stains all over the floor. the room was a mess. I sob even harder than before.   The worst part is that I don't remember this.   Or do I?  



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