And I'm Dying just to Know Ya...

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Tyler Scott had lost everything. If you had forgot EVERYTHING and befriended five guys along the way how would you react?!


7. Chapter Six


*TYLER POV*   What is going on!?! GOD MY HEAD HURTS! I wake up in this strange room with this boy just staring at me. He keeps talking but it makes no sense. I mean I knew what he was saying it's just I'm so confused. He keeps talkin about Tyler. The name sounds vaguely familiar, but I cant put my finger on it. He asked me if I was this Tyler. I think for a second, but it's like there's a massive block in my brain! I can't remember my own name. "Uhm" is all I can say. I mean Tyler definetely sounds familiar but I just don't know.   "Well I...I...I'm not sure, but I think it might be," I stuttered. He mummbled something then said he'd be right back. I just sat there trying to think.    "Ugggh, why can't I remember," I muttered putting my hand on my face. My head was Blank exept one word... I cocentrated so hard, until my head was full of pain. Then it hit me. Tyler... That's all I know but "My name is Tyler"  I whisper.   The boy 'Liam' comes back like he promised, but this time with four more boys. I sat there nervously. They all sit near the bed but Liam sits next to me.   "OK, well let's see," Liam starts, "What do you know about yourself?"   "Uhmm....well I'm pretty sure my name is Tyler," I think hard. So hard there is a piercing pain. I grab my head and yell in pain "AAAUGH!"   The boys just stared at me nervously.   "I'm sorry I- I can't remember," I stutter in pain.   "That's ok, just don't hurt yourself," blondie said.   "Uhm...May I use your restroom please?" I asked.   "Of course! It's right around the corner on your right," Curly said.   I got out of the bed and stood up. I began to fall because of my dizziness. Fortunately I didn't fall because Liam caught me.   "Sorry and thanks," I said. The other boys started giggling.   "Did I do something wrong," I ask.   "Oh, nothing YOU did," blue eyes and brown hair said. Liam rolled his eyes and led me to the bathroom. I shut and locked the door.   I turned and faced the girl in the mirror. She had long wavy brown hair and sparkling brown eyes. She was wearing a dirty summer dress and had abruise on her leg. I looked back at her face only to see those sad eyes.    "Who the hell are you Tyler," I whisper. I jump as I her a knock on the door.   "You ok in there?" Liam asked.   "Uhm ya, be right out," I say. I take one last look at the unfamiliar face. I wash my face and swallowed hard.    "Come on Tyler remember something," I whisper. I unlock the doo to see the boys huddled around each other.       *LIAM'S POV*   After I knocked on the door and asked if she was ok, I walked over to the boys.   "What do we do?" Zayn asks.   "Well first ground rules, no letting her on social networks, no letting her out of our sight until she has regained full memory, and lastly no taking advantage," I said.   "Agreed," we say in synch.   "Hey I just thought of something!" Niall said. "I had a relative that suffered from memory loss and he regained his memory by random things that meantsomething to him."    "Great so we say and show her many random things," Harry said.   "But we can't overload her," Niall said catiously. Zayn nodded towards the bathroom. She nervously walked towards us.   "Hey!" I say smiling. She smiled back and said hello. That was the first time I've seen her smile. I couldn't help but keep smiling, until Louis raised an eyebrow at me playfully.   "Ok, what time is it?" Zayn asked.   "BREAKFAST TIME!" Niall yelled. We all walked downstairs and into the kitchen. We all decided to cook pancakes. The aroma had roamed through the entire house by the time we finished cooking. We all grabbed a pancake and started eating.   "I'm guessing you like pancakes," Niall said looking at Tyler's stuffed face. She sat there, stopped chewing, swallowed, and frowned. She almost looked confused.   "Ya.." she trailed off. Zayn looks at me and raises an eyebrow.
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