And I'm Dying just to Know Ya...

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Tyler Scott had lost everything. If you had forgot EVERYTHING and befriended five guys along the way how would you react?!


8. Chapter Seven


*TYLER'S POV*       It's like your mind is being flooded with words and thoughts. You zone out. It was a memory.       ~FLASHBACK~   "How you girls liking those pancakes?" A familiar man said but I couldn't see his face.   "Delicious daddy," I felt myself saying. I was five. The lady next to me laughed and held me close. I felt myself saying, "I love you mommy"   "I love you too Tyler," she saod.   I felt myself drift away.   ~   ....   "Tyler?" The cool hair guy said [Zayn].   "Huh?" I said coming back to reality.   "You ok?" Liam asked.   "Uhm, I think so," I laughed at the faint memory. " It's just...Pancakes." I laugh.   "What about pancakes?" Blondie asked.   "I remembered something," They stared at me in awe as I told them the small memory.   "I'm very happy yo remembered that," Liam said as he hugged me. I just kinda stood there...awkwardly.. I didn't know what to do. I still had no clue who these people are.   "Hey, why don't you tell me about you guys because I only know one thing out of all of you and that's his name," I said pointing at Liam    "Ok, what do you want to know about us?" stripes said.   "Well your names couldn't hurt," I laughed.   "Mmmkay, I'm Niall," blondie said.   "I'm Louis," stripes said.   "I'm Zayn," cool hair said.   "and I'm Harry," curly hair said.   "And I'm pretty sure you know my name," said Liam. I laughed.   "Haha what else should I know about you boys?" I smile as I ask this. They look at each other and shout together:   "WE LOVE SINGING"   "Ok so you sing?" I ask.   "Ya we are in a band together," Zayn said.   "And we're pretty good if I say so myself," Harry added on.   "Then I will have to her a song," I joke.   "Alrighty then," Liam said as he huddled with the boys.       *LIAM'S POV*   "IsaywesingOneThingbecauseLiamthinksthatshehasthatonething," Lou said very quickly.   "I second that," Harry said smirking.   I rolled my eyes. I thought to myself.....I think I really do like her. No I don't think.. I know. I FANCY TYLER. I have no idea why because I barely know her...but I still liker her. period.   We then quickly broke the huddle, Niall got his guitar and we started sing the acoustic 'One thing'.   As we sang, I accidentaly kept looking at her beautiful eyes. When she looked back at me I quickly turned my head towards the floor. I felt my cheeks getting hotter.   She smiled and said "Wow you guys sound great!"    "Thanks," We all chorused.   *TYLER'S POV*   The guys sounded freaking awesome. Then I had some ideas run through my head. But two stood out from the others. One was about Liam the other being how I know Liam.   "So.... how exactly I know you guys? I mean I can tell you guys don't know much about me," I said breaking the silence with a confused face.   "Well.... we uhhh.." Zayn started then looked at Liam for help. I moved my focus to Liam then raised my eyebrow.   "You see we were driving by these allies and then I saw something...or you.. and you were unconscious so we took you in," Liam stated.   "And good thing we did," Louis said looking at Liam with a weird expression. Liam then shot him a glare of death. I was confused and raised my eyebrow. Harry started to laugh. Ok... weird...   "Unconscious huh?" I asked.   "Yeah, it was weird. Like there we were minding our own bussiness when then there's someone laying on the ground," Niall said.   "We made sure that you were safe with us though," Liam said smiling. I smiled lightly but what he said... that we were safe. I don't know about that. I have this strange feeling about actually being safe. It made my head hurt to think about. But I also have this weird feeling that I don't think I've had before. I think I liked though. I think I like than a friend..   Liam noticed me thinking so hard and asked, "You okay Tyler?"   "Uhm yeah," I hesitated to say. I don't think I want to tell them about that at the moment though...   The boys looked at me with disbelief. I sighed, then Harry broke the silence.   "Tyler doesn't have any more clothing! Let's go to the mall!"
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