And I'm Dying just to Know Ya...

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Tyler Scott had lost everything. If you had forgot EVERYTHING and befriended five guys along the way how would you react?!


10. Chapter Nine


*LIAMS POV*   I sat down next to her and she immediately snuggled into my chest. I slowly moved my arm over her shoulder. I looked down to see her with the biggest smile on her face. I'm glad she was okay, I mean she broke her nose and there isn't much you can do about it.   The title came up on the screen and she laughed. Lilo and Stitch, a disney film.   "Fan of disney I assume?" She asked me.   "The number one fan," I say with a little attitude. She giggled a little before going back to the movie. I looked at the time, 7 pm already. Wow, how long does it take to buy groceries? I bet they got distracted...   I was about to ask Tyler if she wanted to go get some popcorn with me but she had fallen asleep in my arms.   And she was so beautiful when she sleeps.       *Tyler's POV*   Haha the litle girl is feeding the fish sandwiches...gosh Liam is warm...    crap I gotta STAAY AWAKE. Nope. Maybe just for a minute.........       ~asleep~       "LIAM TYLERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRER   EREREREREERERERERERRERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR," someone screamed.   I shot my eyes open as I rolled off the couch because I was so starled. Which followed with laughter, from myself and five other boys.   "Hahaha we so got you!!" Louis laughed then Niall got all serious.   "Oh my god Tyler you have two black eyes, are you okay?" Niall asked.   "Oh yeah, I kinda broke my nose..." I say. Man my nose is painful and embarrassing.   "How did you do that?" Harry questioned. I don't really feel like answering that to him.   " see...I_," I was interrupted. THANK GOD.   "It was kinda my fault, after you guys left I opened the door without realizing that Tyler was behind it," Liam said realizing I didn't want to tell the boys about how I broke my nose. I mouthed 'Thank you' to him and he just smiled.   "Jeez Liam, talk about hitting on her..." Louis mumbled. Liam blushed.... now I'm blushing...oh god...   "Hah well glad you're okay," Harry lauhed.       *LIAMS POV*   " see...I'" Tyler started, I think she is a little bit embarrassed of her nose. AHA! I dea, she will really appreciate this.   "It was kinda my fault, after you guys left I opened the door without realizing that Tyler was behind it," Brilliat Liam.   "Jeez Liam, talk about hitting on her..." Liam mumbled. Haha good one Lou, now you've got me blushing infront of Tyler....Wait she is blushing too.   Tyler yawns and says," okay boys I think I'm gonna go sleep."   "For a girl who slept the whole day yesterday you sure are tired,"Zayn laughed.   "GOODNIGHT!" She yelled walking into her room.   We then sat down and discussed important things.   "Sooo before we go to Denver next week week, management told me that will be making an extra stop in California..."Harry Began...   "But wait there's more,"Niall added.   "It happens to be Tyler's home city," Harry said.   "This will turn out great or horribly..." I muttered.   "exactly," Zayn stated.   "you never know we might end up learning something about her," Louis said.   "I guess your right," I said.       *Tyler's Dream*   A Man    Two dead bodies    Blood   Danger    Don't show fear   or else...   *Gun Shots*       *Tyler now awake*       I was scared as I woked up.    Holy crap I'm sweating...and crying..   What time is it?   Ugghh two in the morning.   I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen.   I started to make toast when I heard foot steps.   I turned to see Niall    "Hey," he says.   "Hi," I respond.   "What's wrong?"   "Nothing is wrong"   "Your up at 2 am, making toast, and have a tear stained face. Now tell me somethings not wrong."   "Bad dream about my past..kinda gruesome.. but not sure what it really means."   "What was it about?"   "someone died a horrible death but I couldn't be afraid or else."   "Or else...?"   "I'm not sure," A tear escaped from my eye, "What if I find out that I'm a horrible person?"   "From what I know your not."    "Who knows.." I took a bite of my toast.   I sighed," Want the other half of my toast?"   "Why wouldn't I?" He said and I laughed.   "Thanks," I said   "For what?"   "Being a good friend."   "Sure we should get some sleep, big day tomorrow."   "Why?"   "You'll see."    "Okay Mr. Mysterious..."   And with that I went to bed with my dream in the back of my head...
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