And I'm Dying just to Know Ya...

*Also one and soon to be on Same author on each* :)

Tyler Scott had lost everything. If you had forgot EVERYTHING and befriended five guys along the way how would you react?!


5. Chapter Four


*Liam's POV*   "HER NAME IS TYLER"   Everyone looks at him questionably and passes the cut up license around. Tyler...hmmm.. What an interesting name for a girl. I look closely at the picture to see that she has beautiful brown eyes. I bet they are even lovelier in person.   "Who do you think this is lads?" Niall asks pointing to the picture of a headshot of a creepy man.   Zayn lookst it and notices writing on the back of it. "It says, 'watch your back. I might have let you go this one time and you might think this is just a game of fhide and seek, but when I find you, you will realize it's much worse. See you soon to say goodbye.' signed your worst nightmare."   We all look up at each other and then at Tyler with concern. I coughed and said, "I think we should bring her with us. You keep her safe."   "Ya", Harry agrreed. "If she doesn't wake up by the time the concert is over she can use one of the rooms in our rental."   ~Concert ending~       "GOODNIGHT SEATTLE!" Niall shouted into the microphone. We then quickly headed off stage.   "Good show boys," Louis said as we gave a round of high fives. We all yawn.   "Tie to go to sleep, wouldn't you say?" I said tiredly. The boys nodded in agreement. We start to walk towards the exit when...   "Waait..." Niall dragged on.   "WHAT," Louis was cranky. I began to catch on to why Niall had stopped us.   "I believe we might be forgetting someone." Niall said. Then it hit the others like a bus.    "Oh right, Tyler." Harry yawned. We walked to the dressing room and found the sleeping girl. Before any of the boys could, I picked up Tyler. I guess the boys could tell I wanted to get to her first because of the look on their faces. I rolled my eyes and carried her bridal style to the car. We all piled in and Louis started to drive.   "Liam, why don't you tell us about how you fancy Tyler," Louis said eagerly.   "OH my gosh Louis we haven't even talked to the girl and you think I like her!" What I had said was partially true, I felt something every time I looked or touched her. I think I was falling for her.    *Louis' POV*   "Oh come on Liam!" Harry shouted.   "Ya, it's kind of obvious," Zayn added.   I couldn't believe Liam when he said he didn't like her. I mean come on! You can see it in his eyes. I know this is cheesy but, is it possible for love at first sight? If so, Liam definitely has THAT. I glance over to see him pissed, he tries to ignore us and looks out the window.   Before we know it we got the house that we are stayng at for the rest of the week. Niall carried Tyler to her room, which I was not surprised by. We all headed of to bed.   *Niall's POV*   Liam and I texted in the car and I know exactly what he is going through. I know because we have all been through it. I told him I would help him out and support him, he was thankful for that. I carried Tyler to her room and tucked her in bed. I wonder when she will ever wake up. Drowsiness came over me and I headed up to bed.    *Zayn's POV*   I got out of the car, went upstairs and fell asleep.    
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