And I'm Dying just to Know Ya...

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Tyler Scott had lost everything. If you had forgot EVERYTHING and befriended five guys along the way how would you react?!


9. Chapter Eight


*Liam's POV*   Now that I think of it, it sounded reasonable, but I rememberes that there is some crazy man after Tyler. We haven't told her about that yet because we think it'll be too musch for her. We also don't want paparazzi catching any photos of Tyler.   "Alright but we need diguises.... Even Tyler," I said winking towards her. Now she's blushing and looks away to hide it. I then say, "I think I have extra sweatpants and a shirt you could borrow." The boys eyes all shot towards me.   "Ok," She quietly says. Then Niall's face lights up and he runs toward all the stuff that we've got from fans. He pulls out a blonde wig.   "Here," Niall says throwing the fake hair. She takes it and we all get changed.   *Tyler's POV*   I've decided to go with the whole 'disguises' thing. I didn't know why we had to but it did make me feel more comfortable to go to the mall. I came out of the bathroom with Liam's sweats and his shirt. I had sunglasses and this blonde wig on. I really have no idea where Niall got that.... I looked at the boys who had hoodies, sweats, and sunglasses on. We then got in the car to the mall.   At the mall we bought shirts, pants, and shoes. It was pretty fun. The boys were all goofing off and eventually we got kicked out of the shops. We decided that was the last shop we would go into and drove to an empty McDonalds.   "MMmmmm food," Niall said running into the fast food resturaunt. We got four 20 piece chicken nuggets and six large fries. We took our food to our table near a window. I looked outside and it was pouring down rain...   "This just won't stop. We just got here from California and it's a major difference from sun to rain," Harry said.   I wasn't listening anymore after Harry said that about California... My mind took over I didn't see or hear anything around me. Then it happened...   ~Flashback~   It was about 5 in the morning. I was by myself walking, no running out of a familiar home. I kept running. I didn't  stop. I felt terrified yet not sure why. I eventually see a gas station and go to get water and food. After a small break I see a telephone booth and look through the phone book. I call a cab and wait about five minutes for it. I felt myself talking.   "To the Oregon border please." The driver looked like I was crazy because I was a fifteen year old going to Oregon by myself, but he drove anyways.      ^2 and a half hours later^   As we came to the border I felt myself mumbling something.   "Thanks for the 15 years California, goodbye."   ~       I then flashed back to reality...or five boys staring wide eyed at me.   "Uhm...Hi?" I said   *Liam's POV*   We were all eating and talking about how we just came from California to Washington. Well we were until I noticed Tyler staring off with a blank expression. The others seemed to notice too.   "Tyyyyyyyyyyyyleeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr," Louis said poking her cheek. But nothing happened.   We waited about a minute before she spoke.   "Uhm..hi?" We all just stared at her.   "Alright..well ya.. Wait Zayn what were you saying about California?" Niall asked.   "Dunno forgot," Zayn replied.   "Uhm," Tyler started unsure. "I.. I think that I may have lived in California."   Ooh Ok now I know why she blanks out like that, she has flashbacks. That's good that she knows she lived in California.   "Do you know how long you lived there?" Niall asked.   "I think until I was 15, because I remember running out of the house with just a bag. I was by myself. Now that I think of it.. I think I ran away to Oregon," she stated.   "I thought you said you had parents and loved them?" Zayn asked.   "I did too," she mumbled scratching at the wig. She takes a fry and eats it.   I then do some thinking. There has to be more. I mean why would you run away from a family that loves you? I'm going to help her, no matter what I need to make sure that she can discover who she is. I will be right by her side.   *Tyler's POV*   I couldn't help but notice how caring these people were. I just met them but felt like I've known them for forever.   "Ok now I get to know a fact about you guys....Like where you are from. I obviously can tell you aren't from here because of your accents," I say.   "Well us four are from England," Liam said pointing to himself, Harry,  Louis, and Zayn.   "And I'm from Ireland!" Niall happily said.   "Ok well what are five guys doing in Washington?" I ask.   "Well you already know we are in a boy band," Louis starts.   "Not only a boy band a world famous boy band that is in the middle of touring the states," Harry finishes.   "We had a dream and never gave up," Liam stated.   I smiled and said, "Wow that's incredible! Now I know why you guys had to wear disguises," I laughed a little.   We then finished our meal and went back to the house. When we got home Zayn went to take a nap. Harry, Niall, and Louis forgot to go grocery shopping so they went out. This left Liam and I alone in an empty house. It was very quiet... Liam went in the kitchen to get something to drink, so I decided to try to think.   I threw off my wig and concentrated as I sat down at the breakfast nook. A shock of pain jolted through my brain, which made my head thrust forward. I smacked my head on the table. This actually hurt more than my head when I tried to think. sh!t I think I heard it crack. I got up and walked away from the nook when I felt something drip down my face. my nose is bleeding.   "Uhm...Liam?" I said walking into the kitchen.   "Yeah wha- WOAH WHAT HAPPENED?" He said grabbing a bunch of tissues and tilting my head back.   I told him what happened in a plugged nose voice.   "Listen, don't try to force yourself to remember things. As much as it much kill you to not know much of who you were it will come back naturally. I promise that I will do my best to help you. I will be here with you no matter what," he said quietly. I started to smile despite the pain in my nose.   "Thanks Liam. I appreciate it. Haha I'm pretty sue you're like my first best friend or something," I say realizing it's true and leaving out the part where I say I like him more than a friend.   He smiles at me then takes a peek at my nose.   "I think you might have broken it Tyler."    "I figured since I heard it crack."   "Hey I think it stopped bleeding though," He said as he pulled the tissues away. I about threw up when I saw the blood.   "You ok?"   "Yeah..I just think something happened in the past..that is pretty important and involved..blood.."   "Oh" He looked almost worried.   "Uh...anyways," I started,  "what do you want to do now?"   "Well we could watch a movie?"   "Alrighty then lets watch a movie!"    We walked over to the main room and I sat on the couch while Liam put the movie in.    He came back and sat right next to me. I snuggled up next to his chest as he put his arm around my shoulder. I couldn't help but smile.
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