I remember everything



1. Happy valentine's day babe...

"Hi I have had a crush on you for a while now and I was wondering if you would like to go out with me, Niall"


7 years later**

Niall POV
I waited desperately at the front of the neighborhood Nando's for her...... That smile she put on her face everyday can light up a room, no a city full of darkness. When she laughs I feel the world around me stops and I can only hear her smooth, playfull, loving voice. The way her hair fell just below her shoulder, her jet black hair glistened in the sun light. But most of all her eyes, she says they are just plan brown but I say to differ. Her eyes where a deep shade of brown, but when it was hit by the sun light at the right angle, her eyes turn a hazel gold color. And I waited for this girl, her name is Daniela.

I sat at one of the rustic metal chairs outside of Nando's when I see her, Daniela. She bounce to every step she took. She was wearing dark wash short, my green flannel with a black tank top, and her silver toms. I walked over to her and gave her a bear hug. I unhaled her sent. She was wearing the perfume I gave her yesterday, sweet and flirty. I let go of her and kissed her forehead. She blushed to the kiss I gave her. "Let's go?" I asked her. "Ok but where are we going?". She asked me. "With you, I could go anywhere. Evan if the destination is hell." I tell her. Once again I caused her to blush a dark red. "Niall,your so sweet. Your too perfect. I love you" Daniela whispered in my ear. Then she placed a pop kiss on me lips and ran away. A smirk appear on my face, I ran after her. I love this cute side of her.

Despite the high difference, I have longer legs compared to hers and yet she was in front of me for quite a while. But soon I noticed she began to slow down. I was guessing she was getting tired. This is my time to pounce on her. I boosted my speed and caught her by the waist. "Ah no. You caught me." She said to me breathlessly. "And I will never let go" I tell her then turn her toward me. I look around to see we ran all the way to a park. "Hey let's go the swings" I say as I point at the swings. I grab her hand and I pulled her to the swings. I sit her down on a swing and start pushing her. She picked up speed with her legs, now not needing me. I jog around the swing and stopped in the front. I turn around to see Daniela gliding freely through the air. Her Jet black hair flowed to the back and forth motion of the swing, her giggle echoed in my head, and she looked like she had wings on her back flapping as if she were flying.

We finished with the swings and walk around the area. The park was very peaceful. We walked back to Nando's hand in hand, intertwined til we got to my car(black camaro with leather seats). I unlock the door and we get in. "where are we going Niall?" Daniela asked. "somewhere special" I tell her. We drive for twenty minutes till we get to this lake. We get out of the car, I walk behind her and put my hand over her eyes. "Niall what are you doing?!?" Daniela asks me. "you will see" I tell her.

I walk her to a gazebo where a romantic dinner for two was set up. "one, two, three" I count then remove my hands to let her see why we are her. "oh my god! Is this for me? Thank you Naill!" she hugged me tight and I walk her to the right seat and pull the chair for her. We sat down and ate the amazing food. "can I have the rest of your plate?" Niall asks Daniela. "No! My food" Daniela reply's. "please Daniela" Niall asks with puppy eyes. "ok but just a bit", Daniela gets a fork full of food and put it in Nials mouth. He ate it like nothing! We laughted then finished our food.

We finish our food when I grabs a basket and pulled Daniela out from under neither the gazebo and the sun was setting. l grabbed a blanket from the basket and layed it down . We took off our shoes and lay down together. Daniela laid on my arm when I got up. "what happened?" Daniela asked me. I grabbed a small red velvet box out from under a cloth in the basket and said "This happening. Daniela Suansing, I have loved you for 7 year. You have an hunger like mine, we like the same things and we both love each other **opens box with a princess cut ring with the band in an infinity shape**. You are my princess but now with you become my queen? Daniela Suansing will you marry me?". With tears coming from Daniela's eye and sobbing, Daniela says "YES"!
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