Your first valentine crush!

This is based on a girl who turned madly inlove
With a boy that just came to her school a day


2. Prom night!

It was almost time for The Valentines Prom! I was nervous. I thought to myself, will Harry be there? Will he bail on me? As I got up and got my beautiful puffy pink dress and wore it, I spun
Around in it for a couple of seconds. Then when I get my make-up done, a heard a knock on
The door! I thought that it would be the girls! But when I opened I saw Harry! I looked into his
Beautiful green eyes glancing at me! " WOW you look stunning!" " Thanks, u look yourself!"
I had butterflies in my stomach! " Shall we?" " We shall!" As I walked out the door Harry put
His arm around me. I felt like I wanted to faint! Someone like him, that handsome, put his arm
Around me! " Are you alright?" " Yeah!" As we walked through the door, everyone turned to look.
" Omaimah, u look very beautiful!" Said Marissa. ( my friend ) " Thanks! You do too!" As we walked to the dance floor a slow song came on. "Shall we dance?" "We shall." When we started dancing it felt like I was safe in his arms around my waist! As the music ended, I felt like I was going to be sick! So I ran to the restroom! Then I heard my name. " Omaimah, are you ok?"
Asked marissa. " Yeah, I just felt a little sic- I was stopped. " Omaimah, I think you should get
Back to your room. You need some rest." " Not its ok. I'll just get back to Harry." As I walked
Out I saw Harry standing by the door! " Are you ok? Do u want me to walk u back to your room?"
" No. It's ok. I'm alright." " Ok let's go for a little walk?" " Sure!" As we walked outside, he held my hand. " Omaimah?" " Yeah Harry." " I know we only met a couple of days ago, but I think I'm starting to have feeling for you." As we stopped, I looked into his eyes, hypnotized, I couldn't say
Anything! Then he came in leaning closer for a kiss. " Harry, I can't do this. I just can't." " It's ok,
I understand, u don't like me. It's alright." " No Harry it isn't that, it's just I'm not ready to have a
Boyfriend. Can we still be friends?" " Sure." I kinda feel bad now. Harry actually had feeling
For me! So did I, but I cannot admit it. As we walked back in we saw that everyone left and it was 12:00 am. So he walked me back to my room. " Harry, I'm sorry abou- " No don't be sorry. It's ok
I get it. " " I better get to sleep." " Ok, goodnight!" As I walked in, I felt so bad. I felt like he never wants to talk to me ever again! The next day I woke up and got ready for class! As I was running,
I ran into Harry! " Hey Harry!" " Hey Omaimah! What's your first class?" " Math!" " Me too!"

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