Your first valentine crush!

This is based on a girl who turned madly inlove
With a boy that just came to her school a day


1. First day!

It was my first back at elk Monroe boarding school!
" Don't worry mom I'll be alright! It's not like I haven't
been here before!" "Ok honey see you on Christmas!"
As I started walking I hear someone yelling from behind.
" Ashely! Over here!" " OMG I've missed You" Then
We headed to our rooms! We saw the other girls!
We all ran to each other an hugged! A minute
later we heard a speaker. " All student make
Your way into the assembly room!"

" Goodmorning students and welcome back!
Today we will be having many people new to
Our school, please be helpful and show them

As we left the assembly room, we walked back
To our rooms as we saw 5 boys, with gorgeous
Eyes! Especially the green eyed one!
"Hello we are new here and we don't know exactly
Where the rooms are. Do you guys mind helping
Us?" "No, no of course not!" As we walked with them
One of them introduced himself! " Hi I'm Harry!" " Hi!
I'm Omaimah!" " Thanks for showing us our rooms!"
" No problem, we've got to get back! See you later!"

Then I knew I was inlove with him! I cannot believe
What I just saw! Those beautiful green eyes, nice
Curled hair! It was all perfect! Just a couple
Days later, valentines day came up and we had a
Little party! So we invite the boys! As they walked in
I can see Harry's beautiful eyes glancing at me! A
Hour later, Harry asked if we enacted to take a walk,
Is said ok!

" So, this is your first time at our school?" " Yeah, how
About you?" " I've been here since I was 7 years old!"
" oh, can I ask you something!" " sure!" Would you
Like to go.. To the valentines prom tonight?"
As I looked into his eyes I couldn't Stand but saying..
" Yes!" This was my first valentine crush!
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