My own background is a little sketchy though, I was found wandering the streets when I was 4. A police man named Rick Tyler found me and took me in, gave me the name Leah Tyler and kept me as his own until I was 12. He was killed in a shooting and I went into a dark time of depression and withdrawal. I still remember that October when there wasn’t one day that it wasn’t raining and I still remember that day I first found out about my powers. A boy was making fun of me and saying crude things about my Dad. So I struck him with lightning, set him on fire, and drowned him in only a matter of seconds. Everyone thought it was just a strange phenomenon but I knew the truth and so does my therapist. She was the one who introduced me to the four kids.


4. Voices

Duck. Lunge. High kick. Tuck and roll. Hop this fence. Run down this ally. Crap dead end. I pull my Katana out of its sheath with deadly precision. Slash here. The computer doesn’t make these fake demons very challenging does it.I was on the offense and defense. I pulled my left in for size purposes. The computer demons have me cornered. I turn and do a run up the wall; push off and land on the open side of them. No time to catch my breath. I start a sprint over the bridge. Demons on both sides. I take a breath and sit down centering my power. Lightning strikes all five down in front and all five in back. I stand and start running to the last sequence. The last sequence is just like the ally with four open holes. The one I run into shuts behind me. No way out, once you’re in. Hand to hand combat. I sheath my Katana and prepare for battle.

First one was a shape shifter meant to delude my attention from the attack at hand. A little girl with piggy tails, she was holding a staff of some sort. I have been tricked many times by this one in battle. So I disarmed the little girl and sent a killing blow into her neck with the palm of my hand. I then kicked the empty form away.

The next three were the ugliest pieces of crap I had ever seen. Demon ogres.Brown color to them and huge bulging eyes. They are huge and have body juices flowing on the outside of them. If these had been real they would have smelled barbaric, almost like rotten boiled eggs, mixed with dog breath and armpit sweat. Disgusting. But the first mistake everyone has about them is their reflexes. They have superfast reflexes and have fly-like eyes. This makes it nearly impossible to do a sneak attack. So I start with a running start, kicking the first one in the gut. I get stuck in his gunk on him. So I hit him in the side of his neck. I dislodge my foot from his gut by kicking back. I see in the corner of the room the staff I had disarmed from the little girl. Doing a tuck and roll I grabbed it and used it to kill the first and second ogres by digging the end of the staff into their necks. The third one was hard to kill because of its size. I hit it in the eye and then dug the sharpest part of the staff into the center of its head.

Game over.

Sweat was running down my face and was making my clothes stick to my back. The computer showed me my score like a video game would. It also asked if I would like to continue. I was beat and that was only three hours of training. Already I could see through the bullet-proof glass, the clean-up bots were already hauling the broken “demons” away.

“Computer…Shut down and schedule tomorrows practice. Before you shut off…record my score into the book under “affinity.” I left feeling very happy. I had the whole “house” to myself. First thing on the list would be shower. A long one.

I tried using a summoning spell to bring me my clothes but I still haven’t mastered it. Grudgingly I made my way up the long flight of stairs and into my room. I threw my Katana on the bed and made my way over to my dresser. I picked out dark blue denim pants, white long sleeve and white socks. I wanted to try out the extent of my powers. So I closed my eyes and focused on where I wanted to go. I felt a rush of air and it felt as if Matt had his hands on my throat again. Next thing I know, I’m standing in front of the only bathroom, grinning from ear to ear. Shower time.

As I stepped into the hot water, I felt a strange chill run up my spine, like an evil presence was near. I didn’t want anything to come between me and my shower, so I shrugged the thought away for an hour. After I got out, I thought to myself, I’m glad Brenda isn’t home I would have been ripped out of there after twenty minutes.I smiled wirily to myself.

I glanced at the clock that was hanging on the wall in the kitchen. One thirty. Everyone won’t be home until late I still had the rest of the day to do whatever I want. Even if that was nothing at all. We have almost everything any normal home could have. Maybe more. In the living room we have a high definition T.V. with surround sound. The couches are cream colored leather and the love seat is vintage red velvet with some scuff marks here and there. The room itself has a classy oval shape to it but is a very pale yellow. The Gov. tried to make it look brighter but they didn’t know that the only ones that actually go in there are Matt and Brenda.

I shook my head at the broken coffee table. It was the only thing in the room that I had actually liked. Now the legs that faced the couches were in splinters and it had broken glass around it. I smiled again at how it came to its terrible demise.

Leah… I froze something said my name…or someone did. I shook my head trying to clear it. That’s impossible. I glanced around the room. There isn’t anyone there…see…I thought to myself trying to convince myself.

Or is there Leah?  The voice was just above a whisper but I wasn’t hearing it outside…I was hearing it in my head…Go to your room Leah…we need to talk…

Who are you?  I thought frantically.

Shh…Leah…calm down…there is no need to become panicked…now…go to your room…shut the door…and sit on your bed…there are some things you and I have to discuss…  The voice started to fade into nothing but there seemed to be a mental hand tugging at my mind. I decided to follow the voice wondering about what needed to be discussed.

Are you still there? I tried directing my thought to the voice in my head; I was halfway up the stairs. I stopped and pushed my mind outwards to my ward. I couldn’t feel any intrusion or break in it. I restarted up the stairs and when I got to my door, I found it slightly open. As if beckoning me forward. I walked in and sat on the bed.

Leah? The voice asked openly.

Yes? Did I do something wrong?

No Leah. But we have to talk about something very quickly. The voice sounded strained. Your friends will be here soon. And I really don’t want them to find you crying. So let’s get this over with shall we.

I stiffened. Crying? What do you want? I was angry now.

I hate you Leah. The voice stated this as if it was complimenting me on my clothes. And I’m going to kill you…

I stood straight up. But was forced down again.

Don’t try to struggle Leah…The voice was angry but I could tell that it was smiling.

“Who are -” I tried to speak but found that I couldn’t.

I’m not going to kill you today but I will soon… I want your powers and so does my mother…You and I now have a mind bond much like the one that you and Aaron have…he knows that you are in trouble and your friends are on their way…when they get here you will not tell them anything…we want him as well…we want Aaron…We want him because you love him… The voice started to fade. I felt its hold on me fade as well.

We aren’t done here…I’ll be back…I slipped through your ward… The voice laughed and with that, left.

I stood up and ran to my window. I got there just in time to see Aaron jump out of the car and run into the house. My hair was still wet and I hadn’t even realized that I had started crying. I left my room and ran down the stairs. Right into Aaron.

“Leah! What happened?” He had a hand on each of my shoulders. His eyes were searching mine. I was doing everything to avoid his gaze. Finally he took his hands and placed them on either sides of my face. His hands were so warm. I could feel the tears start to fall and slowly they trekked up and over his hands. I was shaking my head furiously and tried to break his hold.

“Leah?” I heard Brenda’s voice coming up the stairs, followed by a chorus of “Are you alright?” And “What happened” from Liliana and Matt.

“I’m fine,” My voice was cracking and I heard them stop where they were, “it’s nothing.” I looked up into Aaron’s anxious face and repeated, “I’m fine.” This time I said it with a little bit more absolution.

He didn’t loosen his hold or break his gaze. So I broke it by looking down and letting my wet hair cover my face. I heard the creak of the stairs as my friends came into view. Liliana was the first to speak up.

“Umm…Leah? May I talk to you privately, please?” Her tone was motherly mixed with friendly questioning.

I nodded.

Aaron let go and didn’t look back when he made his way down stairs with Brenda and Matt on his tail. They were giving him and themselves looks of confusion and were careful not to speak.

I looked up at Liliana and she held out her hand to me, “Come.” Was all she said and I didn’t refuse her.She took my hand with a firm tug and walked me up and into my room.

I was shocked. Aaron told her where my room was.

“Aaron didn’t tell me where your room was or is. I guessed.” She smiled at me and I couldn’t help but smile back. “So where is your Katana? You wanted me to purify it, correct?”

I nodded again and went to retrieve it from my bed.

She followed and sat down on my bed opposite of me. I was waiting with baited breath for her to speak and when she did I wasn’t ready for her.

“I know that you talked to The Queens lady in waiting and I know what you guys talked about as well. I’m so sorry Leah.” She looked truly sorry. Her blue eyes were filled with genuine sorrow and despair.

“Then you know why they want me and Aaron?” I whispered.

She nodded but then gestured that I should give her my Katana. When I did, she began again. “Aaron and you have a bond unlike any other. When you two are together you are at your strongest. That is why they want both of you. When we were at the store paying for the food we bought, it was Aaron who suggested that we needed to return here immediately. I saw his troubled face and quickly agreed that we should hurry.”

She paused, and closed her hands over the Katana. After few words and chants, it turned a white then resumed its normal color. “I was quite jealous the day he told me of your bond and I thought that he would become yours. Much to my surprise, you pushed farther and farther away from him and even seemed reluctant to look at him. Then I realized that though you had made a bond with Aaron, I could go into my brothers’ mind at will.”She smiled weakly at me and stood up.

“Does that mean that you hate me?” I asked with a bit of an acid tone.

She merely shook her head and left my room. Before she shut the door I heard, “I never hated you.”



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