My own background is a little sketchy though, I was found wandering the streets when I was 4. A police man named Rick Tyler found me and took me in, gave me the name Leah Tyler and kept me as his own until I was 12. He was killed in a shooting and I went into a dark time of depression and withdrawal. I still remember that October when there wasn’t one day that it wasn’t raining and I still remember that day I first found out about my powers. A boy was making fun of me and saying crude things about my Dad. So I struck him with lightning, set him on fire, and drowned him in only a matter of seconds. Everyone thought it was just a strange phenomenon but I knew the truth and so does my therapist. She was the one who introduced me to the four kids.


3. Secrets

Owww my head is killing me…is that blood on my shirt…I don’t remember ever coming up to my room…my head is throbbing and my scalp feels like the hair has been ripped out of its roots. What happened last night…oh that’s right I remember now…

            I sat straight up in my bed and looked right into Aaron's sleeping face.

            What the hell is he doing here…how did he know where I slept at…did he stalk me or follow me…I remember everything…But why would Aaron protect me after what I did and said to him…I sat there for an hour thinking it over in my head but it didn’t make sense…I mean Aaron hates me but what if that’s just a show…like when Matt picks on Brenda…but Aaron…hmmm…oh he’s starting to wake up.

            “Aaron…” I shook his arm a couple times so that he would wake up faster, “AARON!!!” He slowly opened his eyes, blinked a couple times before realizing where he was,

“Whoa…what the hell am I doing here? Leah you better tell me what’s going on…”

I laughed. He was threatening me. In my room. I was going to let him sweat it out a bit before I told him jack.

“Hey Aaron, did you have a goodnight sleep in my room? You want me, to tell you, what you’re doing here but that’s exactly what I want to know. What you’re doing here? How do you even know where I sleep at? I haven’t told anyone where my room is. So start talking…how did you know?”

He just looked at me angrily and for once in the two years I’ve been here I wish I could read his mind. I sighed and looked up at the night sky. I could see my thin barrier between me and the night air. Night? I glanced at my alarm clock. UGH…it’s only three in the morning…

“Matt lost control of himself,” My head snapped up. I was shocked to hear him speaking to me. Aaron was deliberately trying not to make eye contact with me. “He started to choke you. I was passing by to go to the bathroom when I saw you two…I tore him off you and…and threw him across the room…” From what I could see of Aaron's face it had turned red as did his ears and neck. He continued, “I broke his nose and he passed out…I carried you up here and I knew where you slept because I was…curious. Last night when you ran away from me I followed you to see where you were going…” He looked up at me, his purple eyes intense, “Why do you stay up here? Alone?”

I wasn’t expecting him to ask me that or to have him talk to me that much. I still can’t believe that everything I had put him through, he would still protect me from Matt. I really didn’t want to have to explain myself to him but he did protect me.

“I…have nightmares…about my Dad…” Aaron nodded his head slowly as if he understood but how could he, “You don’t understand do you?”

“I do actually…”He laughed at my shocked expression, “You didn’t think that I would, did you? Well remember when you went inside me last week? Well when you did that I saw everything in your mind and all your memories. Almost like what Brenda does but a little bit more depth.” He smiled a bit.

I stopped breathing, “What! You saw everything about me? Like my dreams?” His smile faded and was replaced with one of worry. “Then you must know why I like to be alone, don’t you? You know what I did to that boy…” My voice was getting higher pitched with each question.

“Leah, calm down. I only saw that you miss your Dad, the night that he was killed haunts you…that’s what your nightmares are about.” He ran his hand through his hair. “I get the same nightmares you get and I think it’s because you and I are connected…” Aaron was breathing heavily and I was on the verge of tears. I never told anyone about my Dad and here he was getting my nightmares…and on top of this he was feeling bad for me. The room grew pitch black and rain started to fall down. It never touched us but I could see where my shield was keeping it out of the warehouse.

“I didn’t see anything about a boy…” He whispered.

I sighed. Someone was going to figure it out sooner or later. “I killed a boy…he was talking crap about my Dad…it was the day I got my powers…that’s why I would like to stay alone…forever. No one wants to live with that kind of blood on their hands. As soon as we kill that demon bitch…I’m gone.” I had been looking down, so I didn’t see Aaron stand up and walk to my window.

“Leah,” He whispered, “I’m sorry about your father but it wasn’t your fault.” I looked up and saw him turn and walk towards me, “And life goes on. I’ll see you later…Brenda is best friends with Liliana and they want to go shopping.” With that he left and said before he shut the door, “I won’t tell…”

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